German Model Offers Sneak Peek Into 'Unknown Fitness World' Of The European Elite

She also proves a cruel 'influencer' stereotype wrong.

German Model Offers Sneak Peek Into 'Unknown Fitness World' Of The European Elite

Glitter champagne, lavish bedspreads; freebies. To the Average Joe, the life of an influencer is all fun in the sun. They usually have bodies toned to near-impossible proportions, are tanned all year long, and live a life you can only dream of. All without lifting a finger (let alone a barbell).

But despite the stereotypes, influencers work hard to provide a service, whether it be cultural insight (occasionally) or a shimmering outfit (often). They can also, as German Instagram influencer and model Rahel Chiwitt just showed, give us behind the scenes glimpses into fitness worlds unknown.

That’s right: while you might assume Europe’s wealthy holiday goers spend their days eating caviar and their nights drinking champagne, Rahel has just shown some of Italy’s most refined holiday locales possess lavish gym setups, for those that want to have their health and eat it too.

Holidaying working on the Mediterranean island of Sicily, Italy, Rahel recently gave her followers a look at her makeshift gym set up that, while not as kitted out as your local gym bro haven, was built in what is unarguably one of the coolest locations you’ll not only ever see, but a place where you’ll almost certainly never find yourself working out.

With a bench perched on a small jetty looking out to the ocean, Rahel not only shows how she stays in shape, but the lengths she needs to go to in order to squeeze in some gym time amidst her daily influencer-related agenda.

While it can be all too easy to assume that all an influencer needs to do to make money is pose for a photo, it actually goes much deeper.

Insider reporter Rachel Hosie looked into the actual life on an influencer in 2019. While she agreed that there are those that abuse the platform, causing the rest of the public to generate a similar opinion, the ones who take it seriously place themselves in a career that is just as involving as any other.

“Essentially, you’re a photographer, journalist, director, producer, model, critic, PR, and personal assistant to yourself all at once.”

Rachel also quotes fashion influencer Julia Lundin as saying, “I had to learn everything from marketing to the depths of SEO, develop strong negotiation skills, create content every day, and maintain a strong connection with my audience. It’s 24/7, it never stops but it’s what I love to do and am motivated and determined to keep going.”

Images via @rahelchiwitt.

Influencers also, as DMARGE has previously reported, need to fend off an influx of DM sliders all hoping to score themselves a date with what they consider to be foolproof chat-up lines.

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In other Instagram Story posts, Rahel reveals the rigorous routine that is required before that ‘perfect’ photo is taken. She is out of bed and styled by 8 am for a shoot that saw her needing to hike up a mountain, then drives to Cefalu on the north coast of Sicily and finally flew back to Cologne, Germany later on.

More to come as the story film develops.

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