Take A Personal Tour Inside Emirates' Futuristic $17,000 First Class Suites

Virtual reality takes to the skies.

Take A Personal Tour Inside Emirates' Futuristic $17,000 First Class Suites

For technology buffs who like to fly flat, Emirates have just released a video guided tour of some game changing First Class Suites, that are currently operational on their Boeing 777 range.

These middle aisle suites are an industry first, projecting an image of the sky outside via fibre optic cameras on the plane onto the virtual windows, so that you can experience unencumbered views of takeoff and landing.

They also feature floor-to-ceiling sliding doors (creating a fully-enclosed private space) and a video call function to communicate with cabin crew.

In a statement, Sir Tim Clark, president of Emirates Airlines, revealed that the multimillion dollar set-up was inspired by the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, as seen in its leather seating, hi-tech control panels and mood lighting.

“We are very excited about our new fully-enclosed suite which is a real game-changer in terms of privacy, comfort, and thoughtful luxury.”

And if that wasn’t enough, the seats can be placed in a zero gravity position, reportedly inspired by NASA technology, to give a feeling of weightlessness. Chuck in 40 square feet of space, a chill colour palette of soft grey, cream and champagne, and you have yourself one hell of a suite.

So go on: pour yourself a whisky (unless especially if it’s not yet noon) and feast your eyes on this triumph of engineering.

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