‘CEO Of First Class Plane Seats’ Leaves Travellers With Painful Dilemma

A truly existential crisis...

‘CEO Of First Class Plane Seats’ Leaves Travellers With Painful Dilemma

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Flying first-class (particularly with a prestigious airline like Emirates) is supposed to be a weight off your mind, not a 100kg plate on it. But when you decide to fly Emirates first class you are inevitably left with quite a heavy question – one that really matters – if TikTok user @will.luxurytravel’s recent videos are anything to go by.

“Did you know that even in First Class the seat you choose matters?” Will recently asked on TikTok. “On Emirates, you get individual rooms. These are not all the same. If you choose the middle seat you not only get more room you get more snacks and even virtual windows.”

He then, in a later video, asked followers: “Which plane seat are you going for? The private window suite or the suite with virtual windows and a bed?”. The caption of the video was: “The CEO of first-class plane seats.”

For those interested in the “CEO of first class,” TikTok user @nickyjkelvin also shows off some of the incredible features of Emirates’ first class.

Most followers who commented on Will’s post said they would opt for the “virtual windows and a bed.”

Not everyone agreed though. A few followers wrote: “Surely a real window is better than a virtual window.”

The debate continued with the argument over “real window” vs. “bed definitely” being much discussed and dissected.

Another said: “Real windows are awesome but I’d rather take the bed.”

Another clever clog wrote: “I would take the real windows and ask a Flight Attendant to make the bed because they do this in every first class suite.”

Running along the same lines, another TikTok user said: “Both have a bed and I want the real windows.”

The summary? Most people on TikTok appear not to have realised that either way, in Emirates first class you will get a bed. The dilemma is more about whether you want the other advantages that @will.luxurytravel claims comes with the virtual window suite, or whether you’d rather a real window.

One to ponder in your next first-class daydream.

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This is also not the only dilemma one faces when flying first class. Another issue can be the attentiveness of airline staff (and passenger’s grasp of ‘intuitive’ technology).

Don’t believe us? Allow the following extract from an 1843 article to open your mind. 

“After a while my valet’s attentions began to pall: every few minutes he knocked on my door to ask if I needed anything. He brought hot towels and sacks of nuts and gallons of Virgin Mary refills. It was overwhelming: rather than relaxing over my meal and a film, I had to constantly fend off my valet’s unwanted attentions. But since he was such a charming fellow, I didn’t have the nerve to tell him to leave me alone.”

“As we landed I entertained myself by studying the elaborate handset on my seat. It was only then that I noticed that the button marked ‘immediate service required’ had been left in the ‘on’ position.”

There you have it: flying first class is not all sunshine and cologne-scented roses.