'On The Go' Grooming Products That Will Ensure You're Never Caught Out

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'On The Go' Grooming Products That Will Ensure You're Never Caught Out

It’s one thing to be well-dressed, good looking and worldly, but it’s another thing to always be well-groomed, clean and smelling like a man that gives a damn. All too often I go out after work or continue onto an after party and find gentlemen are less than fresh. Here are five personal tips to ensure you’re always looking and smelling like a top shelf bastard.

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Keep a toothbrush (and toothpaste) at work

Kontextur VIKTOR Toothbrush

Sounds stupid but if you’re planning on going out after work then it’s wise to keep a fresh toothbrush and some toothpaste in your desk. It will save you from greeting people with coffee/tuna breath and being known as ‘dragon’ at after work functions. Mints will do the same job, but clean teeth and breath is a double win. Duck off to the bathroom, brush and you’re done. Note: Also useful if you forget to brush your teeth before work.

After shave in your car

Tom Ford Noir

There’s nothing better than putting on your favourite aftershave before you go out. It’s a subtle way of saying ‘Hello ladies’—and letting people know you have discerning tastes when it comes to fragrances. Before your favourite bottle of Oud or CDG2 runs out, put the last of the bottle in your car and keep it on hand as an emergency. You’ll be thankful when you’ve been out all day or night. FYI: go for small 50ml bottles.

A small bottle of deodorant

Aesop Deoderant

Body odour is not a good thing. Especially after you’re been in the boardroom presenting like a god damn champion all day. Do the right thing and get yourself a 7-Eleven sized bottle of low fragrance deodorant (roll or spray) and keep it in your work desk or car. Apply after work or during the day when the going gets tough.

A small set of fingernail clippers

Nail clippers

Not the most obvious one but long toe or fingernails scream ‘Don’t give me your phone number’. These are not meant to be kept in your pocket, rather in the car, man purse or desk at work. Before you head out give them a quick check and once over to ensure the ladies say ‘Oh look at your and your handsome finger nails’. They will, trust me.

Travel friendly hair product kit

Patricks Hair Product

Like it or not, your hair product does begin to lose its shape over the course of a day. To ensure your quiff is at its very best keep some high quality product on hand in a small container. We recommend finding products less than 100ml, that way it won’t get pinched if you’re flying with it.

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