Experts Reveal How To Actually Find A Date On Tinder

Start by editing your bio.

Experts Reveal How To Actually Find A Date On Tinder

When it comes to looking for love online, it all now boils down to a quick left or right swipe on somebody’s face. No more going up to someone in a bar or a club. Instead, we’ll have our head down in our phone in the same bar and hope to find someone nearby who’s online that we can hook up with. And despite Jason Sudekis doing his best to keep chivalry alive, that stereotype looks ever more like reality.

While there’s a good chance you’ll swipe based purely on looks, a person’s bio can give an insight into their personality. It can also help boost your chances of securing a match, according to some recent Tinder research. The company synonymous with app-based dating has just released its ‘Year in Swipe’ review for 2019, telling us which words and phrases were used most commonly in Tinder bios, which topics got us talking and which emojis we used the most.

With regards to emojis, which were recently found to improve your chances of getting a first date, Tinder found that over 300 million of them were used in bios throughout 2019, with the most-used one being the facepalm character. Tinder says we used it because we can’t deal with the problems going on in the world right now. But we all secretly know girls use it because they’re fed up with f*ckbois.

As for the words we used the most in our profiles? The top 10 list clearly shows that Generation Z (18-24 year olds) are far more active on the dating app than anyone else, with the number one spot going to the word “woke”. This was closely followed by “lit” and “mood”. The English language is dying a slow and painful death, it seems.

However, Tinder adds that the same Gen Z’ers were more likely to reference social causes such as climate change and gun control in their bios, compared to Millenials who were more interested in talking travel. But for us Australians, talking about anything from the Bachelor to Mardis Gras could help secure you a date.

Or, as The Daily Mail adds, you could reveal you want to help work toward a more sustainable planet, with words such as ‘almond milk’, ‘keto’ and ‘vegan’ all appearing frequently in bios of those under 25. You’ll be wise to add some of these to your own bio since other Aussie singletons are looking for someone with the same moral beliefs (or you could try going down the totally honest route, like this guy).

The path of wellness, not only good for the planet but good for your love life.

For anyone still confused, here are a few bonus tips on improving your bio, courtesy of Tinder advice website Zirby: “there are 2 secrets to writing a Tinder bio – showing, not telling [and] getting her curious.”

In other words, don’t write “I’m adventurous and funny,” instead prove it by “sharing mini-stories” or quips. Got it? Now: get editing before you get swiping.

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