Dad Leaves Son $10 To Buy His First Legal Beer… Ten Years After Death

"It was probably the best present I've ever gotten."

Dad Leaves Son $10 To Buy His First Legal Beer… Ten Years After Death

In Australia it’s 18. In Belgium it’s 16. In Japan it’s 20. In America it’s 21. Legal drinking ages around the world vary. What doesn’t, is that the day you are able to purchase your first legal beer tends to be a special moment.

Matt Goodman wished his father could have been there with him when he turned 21. Physically he wasn’t – his dad had passed away from esophageal cancer six years earlier. But in spirit, he was celebrating.

How? Little did Matt know but his dad had already made plans to attend, leaving his mum and sister a $10 bill to give to him when he turned 21, with which to buy him his first legal beer.

On December 6, 2020, the Massachusetts man used the money to buy his first drink as a 21-year-old.

He shared the moment with a photo on Twitter, dedicating it to his dad. The post at the time of writing has received 541.8k likes, 27.7k retweets and 1.1k comments.

“Knowing that he thought about a future big moment in my life meant everything, because even being gone he still did whatever he could to make my 21st birthday,” Goodman told CNN.

“It was probably the best present I’ve ever gotten.”

“Not having him around has obviously been the toughest thing in my life since he was my best friend,” Goodman told CNN. “He was a huge goofball that would do anything in the world to make me happy.”

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CNN also reports that when he was alive, “John Goodman made sure to never miss a big moment in his son’s life. He was there for every game, every birthday and every heartbreak.”

“Buying his son his first beer only made sense.”

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