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Fiji Airways Business Class Review: Barefoot Luxury At Its Finest

Champagne, Wahoo fish and Tiramisu. What's not to love?

Fiji Airways Business Class Review: Barefoot Luxury At Its Finest

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Last week I flew Fiji Airways’ business class for the first time. It opened my eyes to a whole new way of travelling to Fiji.

Route: Sydney to Nadi

Aircraft: FJ 914 (Boeing 737MAX8)

Class: Business

Duration: 3h 55 minutes

Configuration: 2-2

Note: DMARGE travelled as a guest of Fiji Airways.

WATCH: Inside Fiji Airways’ Business Class


After waking up at 3am, getting an Uber at 3:15am, and arriving at the airport at 3:30am, I checked in my bags at around 3:45am. From here it was over to the Departures Gate, which didn’t open until 4am. Here I skipped the long queue and walked straight through via the fast tracked lane for business and first class passengers.

Fiji Airways International Baggage Allowance

In business class, you’re allowed two carry on bags with a maximum weight of up to 7 kg (15 lbs) and one small personal item such as a laptop or purse. As for checked baggage, in business class you get up to 40kg.

The Airport

There’s not much to do at 4:15am at Sydney International Airport. There is no Fiji Aiways lounge in Sydney, and I wasn’t sure if they had an agreement with any of the other airlines’ lounges, and was too lazy to figure it out, so I went to the boarding gate straight away and listened to the radio stream of Barcelona vs. Viktoria Plzen. I also bought a book, which I didn’t read a word of during the entire trip (not even when I got to Fiji).


Image Credit: James Booth/DMARGE

Boarding early takes the stress out of waiting at the boarding gate quite nicely. It also means that everyone who is travelling economy has to walk past you, in your nice spacious seat, drinking your 6am champers. I have it on good authority some frequent business class passengers get off on this. I felt a bit self conscious though, knowing how jealous I get of business class passengers when I am flying economy.


I was in seat 2A. My partner was in 2B. Another couple were in the two seats opposite us, the two seats in front of them were empty, and in front of us there was just one guy on his own (in seat 1A).

The Footwear Expectations

I feel like if you’re wearing enclosed shoes, it’s a bit rude to take them off. But if you are wearing thongs or sandals, who’s counting?

The Seat

Image Credit: James Booth/DMARGE

Compared to the likes of Qatar Airways’ QSuite, Qantas’ refurbished A350 business class, Emirates’ A380 business class or any other top tier long haul busines class, I would say Fiji Airways’ Boeing 737MAX8 business class is more like a very nice, spacious version of Premium Economy. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with it. It’s just what you need for a short haul flight. But it doen’t have the privacy of a suite, and it doesn’t recline to be fully flat. That being said, I was able to get a good few hours’ sleep thanks to the ample legroom, the cradle for your feet and the generous recline of the seat. It should also be noted that Fiji Airways has a fully flat product on its A350s and an angled flat product on its refurbished A330s.

The Food

Image Credit: James Booth/DMARGE

I presume it’s good, but after giving the flight attendants all my various culinary preferences at the beginning of the flight, I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until the end of the flight (on the way to Fiji). On the way home, though the Wahoo fish and Tiramisu (seen above) went down a treat.

In-Flight Entertainment

I didn’t use it on the way there (was too busy sleeping), but on the way home I made the most of the noise cancelling headphones to watch The Northman (with a beer and salted nuts).

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I believe there was some, but I made no attempt to use it. What kind of psycho wants to be connected to reality on a plane?

The Staff

Image Credit: James Booth/DMARGE

Incredibly friendly.

The Toilets

Not huge, but then again – I wouldn’t expect them to be for this distance flight. They were very clean and well-maintained throughout the flight, too.

The Drinks

Image Credit: James Booth/DMARGE

Unpretentious. Plenty of choice.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a fancy way to start your trip to Fiji, flying business class on Fiji Airways is certainly not a bad place to start.

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