Finnair Just Killed Lie-Flat Business Class Seats…To Make Way For Something Even Better

Well: better in terms of their environmental impact. The jury is still out on comfort...

Finnair Just Killed Lie-Flat Business Class Seats…To Make Way For Something Even Better

Image Credit: Finnair

Video: Sneak Peek At Finnair’s New Long Haul Business Class Seats

Finnair has done something unthinkable. As part of a renewal of its long haul business class, they have got rid of reclining business class seats. Though that might sound like it defeats the purpose of The Pointy End, it’s actually not that bad.

Why not? Well, you’re still able to lie down flat. It’s just a different design, in which you don’t need to tilt the back of your chair to do do. Instead you fill in the gaps with “infill panels” and grab one of the available mattresses to create yourself a 78 inch long bed.

There are also cushions and an ottoman in each suite. Seats are offered in a 1-2-1 configuration, meaning equal aisle access for all.

Left: close up of Finnair’s new long haul business seat. Right: down the aisle view. Credit: Finnair

Finnair developed the seats with Collins Aerospace. Footage of the seats shows a control panel in the arm rest which can be used to put a leg rest up and down, as well as to adjust options for lighting.

In a press release Finnair said the design was inspired by living room living. Social media users on TikTok said it looks “very Ikea.”

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Adding to the residential, Finnish feel, duvets and pillows will be designed by Marimekko, and crockery will be from Iittala.

CNN Travel reports that the new seats will be rolled out across Finnair’s A330 and A350 fleets, “with 28 seats per cabin in the former, and up to 43 in the latter.”

CNN Travel also points out this design is lighter than many other business-class designs, and so (relatively) more environmentally friendly.

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