Formula 2 Driver Loses His Licence After Filming Himself Speeding On TikTok

Snitching on himself.

Formula 2 Driver Loses His Licence After Filming Himself Speeding On TikTok

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A Belgian F2 driver has landed himself in hot water after posting a video of himself speeding on public roads to TikTok, with the boy racer losing his license and copping a big fine for his efforts.

20-year-old Amaury Cordeel, who is set to compete in the 2023 FIA Formula 2 Championship with Virtuosi Racing alongside Australian teammate Jack Doohan, shared then deleted the video straightaway – but not before the Belgian authorities noticed.

The video showed the young driver hitting a top speed of 179km/h in his dad’s car on a road where the speed limit was just 50km/h. Reportedly, the video was actually recorded in December 2020, but he was only found guilty earlier this month. Cordeel denied that it was actually him behind the wheel, but he lost his case.

The punishment? A €3,600 fine and losing his driver’s licence for six months. But the worst could be yet to come, with F2 CEO Bruno Michel telling “it’s something we definitely need to discuss with the FIA, to see how to handle it.”

Amaury Cordeel driving during the Monza feature race of the 2022 Formula 2 Championship. Image: Getty

It’s not the first time Cordeel’s been caught speeding, either. The Belgian has previously been accused of hitting 185km/h on a public highway in an Audi – that video was also shared online but at that time he also denied he was the one behind the wheel, PlanetF1 reports.

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If only he was that fast on track. While Cordeel was Spanish F4 champion back in 2018, his F3 and F2 performances haven’t been quite so stellar. His single season of F3 in 2021 saw him fail to score a single point, and he ended last year’s F2 season 17th in the championship – with teammate Doohan finishing the season in 6th and with three wins to his name.

Save the lead foot for F2, mate.

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