Gianluca Vacchi’s Before & After Transformation Will Blow Your Mind

"I have vitamin injections, that’s all."

Gianluca Vacchi’s Before & After Transformation Will Blow Your Mind

Millionaire. CEO. DJ. It reads like an Instagram fuccboi’s wet dream but this is no dream. This is real life and this is the 51-year-old Italian playboy known as Gianluca Vacchi.

And now that we have that introduction out of the way, we’re going to show you proof that even the most successful men in the world weren’t born that way.

Exhibit A: Vacchi’s recent Instagram post which shows what he used to look like (left) just a few years back to what he looks like now.

Now we get there’ll be cries of “pfft, money can buy anything!” from plastic surgery to a personal trainer, but some quick research will bring up responses from Vacchi claiming that only the latter is kind of true.

In a Daily Mail interview from 2017, Vacchi said:

“I have vitamin injections, that’s all. I am of course fighting against age, but age has two consequences: the physical one, which you can fight if you eat well and you train.”

“The one that is scarier is when you get old in your brain. I am always looking for change; it is change that is keeping me alive.”

And of his vices?

“I drink sometimes. I will smoke once a year with a coffee.”

And with those diplomatic responses we don’t doubt Vacchi’s legitimacy in living his best years in his fifties.

Need more proof? See Exhibit B below and ask yourself this: What’s your excuse?

And just incase you need a bit more motivation in realising that your age isn’t a factor, here’s a photo from 2008. Be like fine wine, friends.

Watch how to get ripped like Gianluca Vacchi below

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