Gianluca Vacchi Suit: Italian Perfectly Combines Seersucker & Denim

Injecting new life into Italian style.

Gianluca Vacchi Suit: Italian Perfectly Combines Seersucker & Denim

When he’s not jumping off yachts into crystal clear waters or DJ-ing at some of the hottest nightclubs around, Gianluca Vacchi is giving us all lessons in style. The silver-haired Italian stallion is one of the rising stars of Instagram, having first shimmied his way onto the influencer scene with some dance moves, followed by a bromance with Zac Efron.

His latest post is no different when it comes to being a fashion icon, but it’s the way he’s gone about it that makes him even more admirable and aspirational to those who think about an outfit before they throw something on. That’s because Vacchi’s outfit marries a denim shirt a with a seersucker suit. A combination we certainly wouldn’t have thought of, and one we definitely wouldn’t be able to pull off as well.

While we can’t be 100 per cent sure, we reckon Vacchi’s suit is a custom-made one from Italian fashion label Rubinacci, a brand the Italian playboy has been seen wearing on previous occasions.

Seersucker is a lightweight fabric – usually striped – and intended for the warmer months of the year. Vacchi made his post from Miami, Florida where it’s currently hitting a good 30 degrees celsius most days. No wonder he’s opted for the breathable fabric.

As for the denim shirt (again, we’re not sure where it’s from, but you can grab this similarly stylish one) well, we’re not against the idea of teaming one with a suit, far from it. However, our go-to would be something more formal, or at least a ‘safer’ colour such as navy or grey. Gianluca gives a two-finger salute to traditional style rules and pairs his with the lightweight seersucker fabric.

Subtle touches such as leaving buttons undone and tucking the shirt into his high-waisted trousers take it from potential fashion disaster to a masterclass in sartorial style. It goes without saying that his outfit also requires its fair share of confidence, something we’re sure the multi-millionaire has in spades.

He’s the father we wish we had.

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