Gojek Bali’s Wildest Stories Revealed

Expats are using ride hailing/food delivery service 'Gojek' in lieu of calling a locksmith, snake removalist and more.

Gojek Bali’s Wildest Stories Revealed

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Bali is a place where tourists go to escape ‘nanny state nonsense’, loll in the sun, and fall off motorbikes.

Some get enchanted by The Island Of Gods, however, and decide not to go home to Putin (or Morrison’s) various brands of mollycoddling.

These guys get to learn a little more about Bali, including, among other things, that Gojek – a ride hailing/food delivery service – is so much more than just a ride hailing/food delivery service.

Gojek is an on-demand multi-service platform and digital payment technology group based in Jakarta.

To many expats in Bali, however, that translates to ‘Uber/UberEats on steroids’. At least – that’s how it appears in a series of Video Stories recently posted by Canggu-based meme account ‘The Canggu Pole‘ on Instagram.

The Canggu Pole asked its followers for their “funniest or craziest” Gojek stories and boy did people deliver (watch the video series in the clip below).

Though it looks like a few of them could do with watching The White Lotus (see: Everything ‘The White Lotus’ Taught Us About Travel Etiquette), the stories make for an interesting read.

Bali Expats Share Wild Gojek Experiences

The stories suggested tourists have been using Gojek in lieu of calling a locksmith, snake removalist and more.

“Locked my keys inside my bike ordered a gojek to help me lift up the seat so I could reach em,” one follower responded.

“I ordered gojek to get rid of geckos… and even got featured in gojek24jam” another said.

“Gojek man did a snake extraction from my house when dropping off food.”

Further admissions included “I drank arak till 4am with him outside my villa and he didn’t make me pay for the ride” and “we got the Gojek driver a lap dance from a stripper.”

“Asked me if I had big boobs I said no and he cancelled the trip.”

“Ordered food late on NYE and invited the driver to party with us. He stayed for hours!” another Instagram user shared.

“Go Jek stopped at the mosque to pray before dropping off my food.”

Another recounted a time when their Gojek driver “came to my villa with empty hands” as he “forgot to pick up food.”

There you have it – a little insight into expat life in Bali.

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