Golden Goose Launch Australia’s Most Luxurious Sneaker Personalisation Package… And It’s Worth Every Penny

Stay Golden.

Golden Goose Launch Australia’s Most Luxurious Sneaker Personalisation Package… And It’s Worth Every Penny


In September, Golden Goose’s Co-Creation experience landed on Australian soil; with a pair of their sneakers high on the wish list, we were invited to trial the experience for ourselves. 

Golden Goose, the Italian rebel of the fashion world, is known for turning heads with their audacious designs. Unlike other luxury brands, imperfection is the name of the game, and their iconic distressed sneakers are a testament to this, becoming a handmade cult favourite among streetwear enthusiasts and A-list celebrities worldwide. 

Golden Goose don’t just sell apparel; they sell the promise of unforgettable moments. Whether it’s their sneakers, jeans, or leather jackets, each piece is an invitation to craft enduring memories; this is a brand that thrives on authenticity and adventure. 

Here’s the lowdown on our unforgettable adventure…

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STEP 1: Plan Your Adventure

Seinfeld was right; pulling a “pop-in” is ill-advised. Like all good adventures, plan ahead and book your experience via the Golden Goose Passport App or directly with the boutique to ensure one of their Sneakers Makers is available (yes, this is their formal title and yes, we wish we had this in our email signature).

Co-Creation is available at select Australian stores: Westfield Sydney, Westfield Bondi Junction, Chadstone Shopping Centre, and the Golden Goose Flagship store in Melbourne

The Icon
Golden Goose Ball Star

Golden Goose Ball Star

Dreaming of the Eighties, Golden Goose’s Ball Star sneakers have an American college vibe caught between a hoop shot and a skateboard ride.

STEP 2: Pick Your Canvas

Once you’ve locked in an appointment, it’s time to choose your canvas. The Golden Goose boutiques are a library of possibilities, with styles for every occasion. However, with my wardrobe colour palette playing it safer than Ange’s Tottenham (a sea of navy, white and beige), I went with a pair of the Golden Goose Ball Stars. 

These sneakers have their signature distressed look with a white base, ice-grey suede star and midnight-blue glossy leather heel tab, making them one of the most versatile sneakers in the collection; perfect for wearing casually with jeans or dressing up with tailored trousers for a night at Totti’s with the missus. 

Now, don’t think for a second that the co-creation experience is limited to sneakers; it extends to a multitude of items from the Golden Goose collection, including leather jackets, denim, and more.

Sketching out our custom design. Image: DMARGE

STEP 3: Unleash Your Creativity

It’s time to go full Banksy and create your masterpiece. Each boutique features a Co-Creation station where you’ll be paired with a Sneakers Maker. Acting like your own footwear Jedi, they’ll help you craft ideas and guide you on your Co-Creation adventure. 

Sneakers Maker PK brought my vision to life at the Golden Goose store in Westfield Bondi Junction. With a Beckham-esque penchant for keeping things clean, I went with a minimalist approach. Being a not-so-dumb blonde living in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney, “Stay Golden” seemed like a no-brainer, which I paired with a sun motif. PK meticulously hand-drew the design, ensuring perfect sizing and placement.

Whilst I opted to keep it simple, looking around at the other Co-Creations PK was working on, you can see that the options are limitless. You can even go full-on Sistine Chapel, but be prepared to wait a couple of days for more complex designs to be ready. 

I recommend planning your design ahead of time and booking for the weekend. You want to savour this experience; think Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory without the little orange guys kidnapping you and a far superior style game from all involved.

Before the Co-Creation is complete, you have the option to finish the sneakers off with studs, charms, laces or all of the above. Now gents, don’t be concerned: if you think there’s nothing more beautiful than a little restraint, simple options are available. I opted for a few brushed stars to run along the top seam near the laces in homage to the name of the iconic sneaker, Ball Star.

The finished product. Image: DMARGE

The Result

The end product far exceeded my expectations. Golden Goose’s Co-Creation is a one-of-a-kind luxury item that’s yours and yours alone; that’s a pretty special feeling.

But heed my advice… don’t be selfish! It’s not just an incredible experience for yourself; it’s a fantastic gift idea too. Whether you craft a bespoke piece for someone yourself or give the gift of the co-creation experience itself, it’s an unparalleled, unique adventure.