Harry Garside Just Can’t Stop Torturing Himself In The Gym

Thirsty work.

Harry Garside Just Can’t Stop Torturing Himself In The Gym

Australia boxer Harry Garside regularly pushes body to its limits in the pursuit of physical perfection and mental clarity… So his latest workout isn’t one you should do on a whim.

Harry is currently in Bali, where he is spending a two-week vacation with his girlfriend, Ash. But as he’s clearly the kind of guy who can never take a day off – coupled with the fact he does need to keep up with his training if he’s going to continue winning fights and medals – he’s consistently finding ways to test his strength.

Taking to his Instagram Stories in recent days, Harry Garside posted a screenshot of one of two workouts he carried out during a day, followed by a quick video telling his followers he completed a brutal 90-minute workout without water.

So, what does the average workout of an Olympic medal-winning boxer look like?

Image: @harrygarside

Frightening is the answer.

Harry’s warm-up alone looks as though it would have many people gasping for air, but the main event will seriously separate the men from the boys. When you consider Harry completed this workout without a single drop of water, and factor in the intense Bali heat, it becomes all the more impressive.

WATCH Harry Garside complete a 90-minute workout without water below.

Obviously, drinking water whilst exercising is essential. Fit19 says not drinking water whilst exercising, and bringing on potential dehydration, can “lead to cramping, soreness, fatigue, and even heat stroke, especially if you’re exercising in hot weather.” Clearly, Harry didn’t read this before his trip.

Now, we’re sure Harry does drink plenty of water normally, and it could just be a case of him forgetting to fill his water bottle before jumping on the bike, so he just had to suck it up… But, just in case you take anything Harry does as outright gospel and feel like you want to try working out without watering yourself, the bottom line is, don’t.

As Fit 19 elaborates, “dehydration is the condition in which your body loses more fluid than it takes in. As a result, the water content of your blood and other tissues decreases.”

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This isn’t the first time Harry has done something slightly outrageous in the pursuit of fitness. He’s previously taped his mouth shut for a full 24 hours, forcing him to breathe through just his nose. Nasal breathing has been found to have positive effects, as it helps provide a greater amount of oxygen into your bloodstream.

Harry’s also encouraged the use of cold water therapy as being beneficial for his mental health, too. Harry is an incredibly progressive human. He practices ballet, he wears clothes stereotypically designed for women and he’s been known to wear nail varnish.

Whether you’re into it or not, there’s no denying the man tries anything and everything in the search of internal happiness. Let’s just hope he doesn’t try an intense workout without water again though, hey?

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