Did Harry Styles Just Spit On Chris Pine?

2022's most bizarre celebrity moment?

Did Harry Styles Just Spit On Chris Pine?

If the drama around Don’t Worry Darling wasn’t bad enough, it seems as if Harry Styles has just spat in his co-star Chris Pine’s lap – in front of the entire world’s cameras.

The two actors have been the talk of the town at the 79th Venice International Film Festival for the screening of their latest project, Don’t Worry Darling: a psychological thriller directed by Olivia Wilde (who Styles is currently dating, by the way).

Don’t Worry Darling has already been the subject of a lot of drama, which has only grown since Venice. Notably, Chris Pine was seen zoning out and acting very dismayed during an interview he and Harry had about the film earlier this week – a moment that’s already been meme-d to death on Twitter.

Now, another crazy moment between the pair has been captured, with Styles appearing to spit in Pine’s lap as the pair sit down for the screening of their film. Bizarre.

WATCH Harry Styles spit at Chris Pine below.

Pine does a proper double take and everything! It’s so weird! Is this Styles getting back at Pine for his behaviour during their interview? Or is Harry just Watermelon Sugar high?

Or is this much ado about nothing? According to DMARGE editor and English hooligan James Booth, “spitting is more common in Britain.” We’re not so sure.

In between Shia LaBeouf’s firing from the film, Olivia Wilde breaking up with Jason Sudeikis to date Styles during the film’s shooting, leading woman Florence Pugh’s snubbing of Venice and now Harry Style’s spit, Don’t Worry Darling has definitely given us plenty to worry about…

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