‘Disgusting’ Hotel Room Act Leaves Cleaners Questioning Life

"If you leave your room like this you're an animal."

‘Disgusting’ Hotel Room Act Leaves Cleaners Questioning Life

A video of a dirty hotel room has left TikTok divided, with some people disgusted beyond words, and others seeing the positives, having been made to feel better about their own lazy check-out habits.

A hotel room scene reminiscent of a murder (with the victims being fast food, hygiene and check-out etiquette) is doing the rounds on TikTok after UK-based user @syma.h posted a video of the worst-looking hotel room we’ve ever seen. The room is claimed to have been left in this state by a Travelodge guest, and the TikTok user @syma.h claims she is a Travelodge worker. She captioned the video: “some people are actually gross.”

WATCH: The Dirtiest Hotel Room We’ve Ever Seen In The Video Below

While leaving a room in this awful state when you check out was universally condemned in the comments, the video sparked debate over how clean exactly you are obliged to leave your room when you check out of a hotel if you want to be considered a good person.

Some scoundrels tagged their friends and wrote comments like “just as bad as the state you two left our room.” Others (many others) suggested a surcharge be levelled at the guest (to which the author told them they were charged, but only for smoking in the room).

Others made remarks like: “once I didn’t make the bed before leaving and I still feel guilty, these people are not okay” and “I try to leave my hotel rooms like I haven’t been in them!”

Further comments included: “there’s me s***ting myself if I leave a crisp packet on the TV stand or something” and “here I am wondering if I should fold the used towels or just leave them in the bath tub.”

Oh, and there were a couple of people who pointed out the limited window of time in which a hotel worker might be expected to clean up such a scene (“what’s worse is the line manager will expect it done in 20 minutes”), perhaps leading to the next sentiment; “I always buy my own bleach and bathroom cleaning spray so I can clean it my self every day rather then cleaners cleaning.”

Previously we’d have said that’s overkill, but after seeing the above video, maybe it’s not as far-fetched as we thought…

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