How To Score A $27,000 First Class Seat For $600, According To A Points Hacker

The secret's out...

How To Score A $27,000 First Class Seat For $600, According To A Points Hacker

Image Credit: @flighthacks

We’d all like to kick it at the pointy end. It’s usually very expensive to buy your way in though. Either that or very time consuming to amass enough frequent flyer points (and play the system) in a way that sees you get into business or first class for free, on a popular route that you actually want to fly. Right? Wrong.

According to points hacker (and founder of Flight Hacks) Immanuel Debeer, it’s way easier than you think.

Taking to Instagram recently, the Australia-based points hacker shared a video in which he claimed he pays less for first class than what most people pay for economy.

Watch Immanuel explain how to get a first-class seat for a super cheap price in the video below

“Normally this [All Nippon Airways] ticket costs $27,000 one way,” Debeer explains. “But here’s how you can get it for just $540 (plus $59 tax).”

“First join Virgin Atlantic Flying Club. Then buy 60,000 miles before August the 14th.”

“You only need 60,000 miles to fly first class from Haneda to London (one way). This is only possible because there is a bonus promotion until August 14th.”

And that’s how you do it.

While this particular promotion is now over (today is August the 27th), ones like it crop up fairly regularly. You just have to keep your eyes peeled (and then set up alerts for availability).

As Immanuel told one follower who commented “It doesn’t work if there isn’t availability,” there is a fine art to travel hacking.

When Instagram user @mbjaure wrote: “I had look and there were only 2 days for LON-HND” Immanuel responded: “Set an alert using Expert flyer. ANA release seats pretty randomly but frequently.”

Other frequent flyers and aspiring points hackers expressed their appreciation for the tip next to the video.

One wrote: “Only fool actually pays the cash rate.”

Another said: “This is amazing! Thank you!! Can’t wait to be able to travel again!”

Others brought up another couple of challenges.

“You have to make a purchase before hand,” various people pointed out.

“Doesn’t work unless you can make a transaction first.”

There is a solution to this. Immanuel said: “Either get 100 points free by signing up to their newsletter or use the shopping portal when buying something online from another retail.”

“Open your computer, head to VA website, sign in, browse around and wait for the email newsletter pop up. It gives you 100 points free which is all you need.”

Got it? Good. Now start praying for vaccination rates to get up and for those borders to open so you can put your skills to the test.

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