Flight Attendant Reveals Booking Hack To Travel The World For Free

"I was a flight attendant for 6 years and trust me this works."

Flight Attendant Reveals Booking Hack To Travel The World For Free

Image Credit: Lauren Bullen (@gypsea_lust)

Have you ever wanted to travel the world for free? And we’re not talking about sipping Mojitos, booking Airbnbs and trundling around via BlaBlaCar – we’re talking whizzing around at 40,000ft.

On that note: you might have heard points hackers explain how, if you strike at the right time, and have enough miles built up, you can score first class tickets for the price of economy.

But, for the average citizen, that’s pretty convoluted.

What’s more intriguing is the premise that you could travel the world for free with one simple credit card trick, when paying for a common expense almost all of us have at some point in our lives.

We were alerted to this booking hack by flight attendant Kat Kamalani, who posted a video explaining it on TikTok on Monday (watch the video below).

How to travel the world for free, according to a flight attendant

“Here is how you are going to travel the world for free or, better yet, get paid for it,” she said.

“I was a flight attendant for 6 years and trust me this works.”

“If you have any big expenses – home renovations, medical bills, birthday parties, a wedding, anything like that where you’re going to need to be spending a lot of money – what you’re going to want to do is open up a credit card that offers miles.”

She claims she and her husband did this for their wedding and got free tickets to NYC, TN, FL and UT.

“Put everything on that” she says, “then immediately pay it off – then you have thousands of miles you can use and can travel the world without paying a dime.”

“If you want to get paid to travel and you don’t want to be a flight attendant there are so many other jobs you can do like throwing bags, customer service, gate agent or even better yet if you’re in the comfort of your own home you can do customer service through a computer.”

In the comments next to her video one TikTok user wrote: “My husband and I have American Express Platinum and what she says is true – we are travelling for free.”

Another warned: “You have to be committed to pay it off otherwise you will be in debt.”

“Good tip.”

“My dream job is to become a pilot,” shared another user.

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