How To Warm Up After An Ice-Bath, Wim Hof Style

Saddle up.

How To Warm Up After An Ice-Bath, Wim Hof Style

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Wim Hof has shown followers how to warm up after an icebath with a “horse stance” exercise. The video takes you through the instructions for completing it to the iceman’s satisfaction, including arm movements and bonus sound effects…

Wim Hof is on a roll. Not only has he shown us how to obliterate our push up records (hint, cardio and weight lifting isn’t as unrelated as you might think) but he’s now here to show us how to warm up properly after an ice bath.

“If you’re having trouble warming up after your cold showers or ice baths, try out this exercise,” the mighty Hof wrote on Instagram.

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A video then ensued with ‘The Iceman’ enacting the exercises. Per the video, step one is to stand up straight and then spread your feet apart. Next, you must make sure your feet are facing forwards, your spine is straight and your posture is upright and aligned. After that, you bend your knees into a squat,lowering your upper body as if you were on horse back.

WATCH: Wim Hof reveals how to warm up after an icebath

Finally, you place your hands on your hips and hold. Beyond that, “doing deep breathing will help,” Hof adds, further sharing: “I also like to add arm movements and sound.”

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Wim Hof, in case you’ve been living under a glacier, is a renowned Dutch extreme athlete who has broken numerous ball-shrinking records, like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in shorts, running a half marathon above the Arctic Circle barefoot, and standing in a container while covered with ice cubes for more than 112 minutes.

As you were gentleman, as you were…

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