How To Rock Aviator Sunglasses & Look Like a Real Top Gun

Crash and burn, Mav

How To Rock Aviator Sunglasses & Look Like a Real Top Gun

Aviator sunglasses are one of the most iconic sunglass styles for men. Made famous by Ray Ban, the Aviator silhouette is one that has been imitated by countless other brands. However, there is a knack to wearing them, and not all men possess the gift of being able to do it effectively.

When you buy a pair of Aviator sunglasses, you’re doing so to look like Tom Cruise in Top Gun. But, buy the wrong pair or team them with the wrong outfit, and you can end up looking like a washed up man attempting to cling to his youth.

So, how do you wear and style Aviator sunglasses? Allow us to explain all.

Mirrored Like Gentlemanly Maverick

Choose a pair of aviators with mirrored lenses for an extra dose of badassery in an already badass look. Something about those impenetrable reflective surfaces says “Don’t mess with me, pal – I can kick ass, take names, and do it all without putting a single wrinkle in my impeccable designer suit.”

Smaller… Like Scott Schuman

Aviator sunglasses are a strong look on their own, so you can get away with keeping the rest of your style simple. Take a cue from Scott Schuman, American blogger, fashion photographer, and founder of The Sartorialist. Go for a basic tee and simple trousers, and let the aviators speak for themselves.

Like A Russian Mobster

There are plenty of reasons not to mess with Russian mobsters, just one of which is their handle on the style game. The fur lining of this fine gentleman’s jacket is almost reminiscent of the classic pilot’s jacket, making it a perfect complement to his fighter pilot-inspired eyewear. Together they make a major statement.

With Your Best Suit

The classic style of a pair of aviators means you can wear them with just about everything, from your worn-in denim to your favourite suit. Some might call this a risk, but when your suit looks as good as this chap’s does, we say throw caution to the wind and don the sportier shades.

Like An Artistic Hipster

If we wrote a guide on how to be a modern day hipster, we’d have to include this look. Incorporating retro styles into your contemporary wardrobe is a huge part of mastering the hipster aesthetic (bonus points to this guy for also working in a bowtie and that sweater). Just please stop pretending you were wearing aviators before they were cool. We know it’s a lie.