Incredible 1980s Photos Show Ibiza As You’ve Never Seen It

... Sort of.

Incredible 1980s Photos Show Ibiza As You’ve Never Seen It

Ibiza is known as a party destination. And photos of Ibiza in the 1980s prove that it was more or less the same back then.

Many things spring to mind when thinking about Ibiza.

The fact that it’s a Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea. The Mike Posner lyrics, “I took a pill in Ibiza, to show Avicii I was cool.” And, of course, the image of a rich nightlife rife with partying and debauchery.

Currently, Ibiza is extremely well known for its legendary nightclubs and boat parties. It’s kind of assumed that if you’re travelling to Ibiza, you’re most likely going to have the time of your life and will just non-stop party.

Some party girls in Ibiza in the 1980s. Image Credit: NSS

But have you ever wondered what Ibiza was like in times gone by?

80s fashion is iconic. Image Credit: NSS

It’s hard to imagine Boomers – who are notoriously conservative and are now in their early 60s to mid-70s – going to Ibiza in the 1980s and partying like we do now.

These partiers definitely did their Buns Of Steel VHS workout. Image Credit: NSS

And yet, images of Ibiza in the 80s prove that the golden oldies partied just as hard as us youngin’s – maybe even harder.

Living his best life. Image Credit: NSS

Topless women and incredible fashion galore – think fishnet tops, leopard print, extremely high-cut bikinis and voluminous hair.

It’s time to bring studded wrist cuffs back into fashion. Image Credit: NSS

Sure, some things about Ibiza have changed since the 80s; electronic music has replaced disco, vapes replaced cigarettes and we no longer ruin our hair with perms.

But the hedonistic culture lives on; that aspect of Ibiza hasn’t changed at all over the last thirty-plus years.

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