Video Shows Hidden Danger To Watch Out For In Nusa Penida

From dream to nightmare...

Video Shows Hidden Danger To Watch Out For In Nusa Penida

Image Credit: @sssextreme

A video is halting thumbs on Instagram, showing a bunch of people getting pummelled by waves in a rock pool in Nusa Penida, an island 12km southeast of Bali.

A video currently banging brains online shows why it pays to be careful when picking a rock pool to swim in, especially in Indonesia. Why? When you’re surrounded by views and protected by coral, it’s easy to get lulled into a false sense of security.

The clip shows what appears to be a group of tourists hanging out in a pristine watering hole in Nusa Penida, an island near Bali renowned for its incredible views, Instagram-famous treehouses and turquoise waters. The video starts off looking like something out of a dream, but then – if cuts, bruises and near-death experiences aren’t you’re thing – quickly turns nightmarish, with multiple waves washing the girls around the rocks.

The video was captioned: “The most beautiful and peaceful beaches can be the most dangerous ones…Stay safe out there people!”

WATCH: Tourists Get Smashed By Waves Inside Nusa Penida Rockpool

One Instagram user wrote: “Growing up by the ocean I was taught about freak waves (unexpected waves) and to NEVER turn your back on the ocean and always stay alert around rocks and rock shelves. There is a reason that area in the rock cliff is worn out by the ocean and these waves are it. Hopefully no one was pinned under the rock shelf.”

Meanwhile, the guy that filmed it allegedly said everyone in the video survived (various Instagram users in the comments of the video claimed). The video, which is credited to @sssextreme, was reposted to @teklatravel and currently has upwards of 22,687 likes. One Instagram user in the comments section said: “According to the owner of the video all of them are alive. Apparently they were not suppose[d] to be there in the first place.”

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Another wrote: “I find it shocking that someone keeps making a video instead of helping them get out. Nature can be dangerous, but human…..”

Whatever your take: it’s a good reminder to keep your wits about you when selecting a rock pool to swim in.

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