'Life Of Pi': What It's Like To Live On A Luxury Yacht In Indonesia

"If I die today I die happy."

'Life Of Pi': What It's Like To Live On A Luxury Yacht In Indonesia

Image: @samara.liveaboard (via @nathalya.cabral)

Most of the world isn’t in a position to be stalking Skyscanner right now. But we can still live vicariously through each others’ exploits. And if you’re in need of some mental teleportation; boy do we have some scenes for you.

American travel blogger and Youtube sensation Christian LeBlanc recently posted a bunch of Instagram stories whilst bobbing off Indonesian city port Makassar, aboard the luxurious Samara Liveaboard yacht.

The first video shows friend RIC (Mexican nomad and film-maker) diving off the yacht into the glassy blue waters.


The second features LeBlanc giving us a rundown of their day and showing off the sunset.


Another video shows the group enjoying the final moments of their time on a small island, which they had to themselves.


In a later Instagram story, the group can be seen eating breakfast, back on board the boat.


What takes the cake for us though, is a photo from earlier in the trip, in which RIC can be seen splayed on the boat’s bow, in what some followers have called a scene reminiscent of Life of Pi.

“If I die today I die happy,” RIC captioned the post (translated from Spanish). “We are going to sail on this boat through the Komodo islands in the next few days, I leave Instagram, my cell phone and everything that distracts me from enjoying what we are going to experience, see you in a few days!”


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Comments rolled in like, “24 Bintangs later,” and “totally remembered me of Pi.”

Trips aboard the Samara Liveaboard are currently being advertised on Tripadvisor from $4,866 a night, with the following information also being offered: “Samara Liveaboard – Boat charter based in Labuan Bajo.”

“Mostly we do sailing and visit some island around the Komodo National Park to see the Komodo dragons it, do snorkelling, hiking and trekking on the island surrounding.”

“We are a boat hotel with 5 larger cabins and ensuite bathroom provide comfortable boat space to sail around the Komodo national park.”

As always, check official government guidelines before travelling anywhere (Australians are still prohibited from travelling internationally without an exemption, for instance).

Also: spare a thought (maybe even a dollar) towards those who are in an incredibly tough situation right now.

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