Inside Rolex’s Luxurious 2023 Oscars VIP Green Room

We share a sneak peek inside the Oscars' most exclusive spot.

The 2023 Oscars Greenroom, hosted and designed by Rolex.

The 95th Academy Awards, better known as the Oscars, kicks off in just a few hours. It’s the most exclusive event in Hollywood, and just getting in the door is pretty prestigious. But there’s one spot at the Oscars that’s more prestigious; more exclusive than any other: the Oscars green room.

An intimate antechamber where nominees and presenters gather before and after stepping onto the stage, the Oscars green room might be the world’s coolest room. Just imagine: the world’s biggest stars sharing drinks and gossip in between awards… It’s pretty damn cool.

Since 2016, Rolex – the world’s best-known watch brand and a byword for luxury, success and glamour – has designed and presented the Oscars green room. This year, Rolex has decided to double down on that green theme, presenting a tropical theme that highlights sustainability as well as evokes peace.

First of all, the ceiling of the green room features lighting elements shaped like monstera leaves, “evoking a lush canopy”, according to Rolex. Images of nature including rainforests and rivers dot the walls, while a huge curtain of carved bamboo lends a tropical feel.

Tropical and lush: the Rolex green room is a soothing place to be.

An abundance of flowers dot the space, while a private bar decked out in mosaic promises a spot for nervy actors to get a drink fixed. Naturally, everything’s green. It is a green room, after all. But it’s a calming, elevated space that’s perfect for the night’s stars to retreat to in between the highs and lows of the Oscars ceremony.

Of course, green is a colour that’s intimately associated with Rolex watches, too – it’s their signature colour. Not only do Rolexes come in green boxes, but green-dialled Rolexes rank as some of the brand’s most coveted and recognisable pieces, such as the Rolex Submariner ‘Hulk’.

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The tropical feel of the space also reflects Rolex’s commitment to sustainability and conservation through its Perpetual Planet Initiative. Unlike the vast majority of watch brands, Rolex is actually a not-for-profit enterprise: it’s owned by the charitable Hans Wilsdorf Foundation, and throws much of its impressive wealth behind conservation efforts.

We can just imagine Austin Butler knocking back a Pepsi at the bar, just like Elvis.

Rolex has long been a passionate supporter of cinema and the arts, too. Not only does Rolex have a partnership with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, but it counts famed directors James Cameron and Martin Scorsese as two of its ‘testimonees’ (that’s Rolex speak for brand ambassadors).

With only an hour to go before the 2023 Oscars ceremony kicks off, you can bet that the green room is already filling up with stars. Watch this space (pun entirely intended).