What It’s Really Like Dating An Influencer, According To Their Boyfriends

It's not all coconut oil and selfies, you know...

What It’s Really Like Dating An Influencer, According To Their Boyfriends

Instagram husbands are the man behind the woman, but could you do it?

As you scroll through the photos of someone half the universe crushes on, do you ever wonder: what’s it actually like to date them? Do they always smell like coconut oil? And most importantly: who takes all those pictures?

We spoke to the beaus of three Instagram models to see how they feel about their other-halves fan-bases, impromptu late-night photoshoots and what it really takes to date them.

Talking to Alesandro Ljubicic (artist, and partner of Miss Universe Australia, Monika Radulovic), initially he’s coy, “For me she’s just Monika. She’s got a good following and I’m proud of her; but to be honest with you it doesn’t really phase me.” However, when we ask, “Are there any challenges to dating a model?” he doesn’t hold back.

“Hell yeah! Definitely. When you’ve had a long week at work—and of course during the day you’ve probably received like 10 packages for her – and she gets home, you tell her how your day was and she says, ‘Aww what did I receive. How am I going to take this photo? What do you think, can you take the photo for me?’ – you just don’t care… “

“And do your art skills help?”

“I know a lot about art but when it comes to taking a fashion photo what I think looks good is rarely the same as what she thinks looks good. And so I’m like: up on the tripod stand, turning on the bloody light and I just keep pressing the button while she does her thing.” He laughs, “But at the end of the day I do it all because I love her.”

“She will criticise…You know, ‘oh you’ve taken that one wrong,’ and it’s like: I’m not a bloody photographer.”

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We then spoke to Josh Miller (content creator, and boyfriend of Steph Smith, the face of Bondi Sands and model with 1.3 million followers). He considers himself a “shy type,” which he says, “Makes having to stand and take photos in a public place embarrassing.”

As a filmmaker himself, he’s no stranger to the world of photography, but he still finds it awkward to take (or get involved in) certain shots.

“There is one time I recall being incredibly uncomfortable. We were doing a job with a fashion label to shoot a Valentines Day campaign. I was dressed in kit that was cringe-worthy to say the least.”

“Steph, myself, photographer and director of the shoot headed off into the city to shoot some location shots. As we arrived the director saw that there was a traditional brass band busking on the foot path. She asked Steph and I to go and dance for a few minutes in front of the band so they could get photos.”

“That would have to be up there with the most uncomfortable I’ve possibly ever felt. Genuinely hundreds of people eating their lunch on the lawn and walking by all looking at us thinking: what on earth are they doing!?”

Nathan Antunes (race-car driver, engaged to Sammy-Jo Risteski, a model, dancer and PT),  is in a similar situation, yet faces a slightly different problem. Although it’s “a little ego boosting knowing that your fiancé is not only adored in your own eyes but others as well,” he says, “because social media is so easily accessible it’s hard to differentiate what is work time and what is personal time.”

“It’s super annoying when she’s on her phone and scrolling the ‘gram, commenting, liking and engaging the fans when it’s our own personal time.”

So there you have it: to date a model, pro-level photography skills and patience are non-negotiable, while having an international art-business or a successful career as a filmmaker or racing-driver are highly recommended.

You’re welcome.

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