Influencer’s Skipping Rope Workout Will Destroy Anyone Brave Enough To Try

Serious skills.

Influencer’s Skipping Rope Workout Will Destroy Anyone Brave Enough To Try

Us gym junkies often don’t do enough cardio, preferring the weights room instead.

But there are numerous benefits to cardio workouts, such as helping you to shed body fat – although we’ve also seen how putting on muscle can be just as, if not a more, effective route to fat loss – as well as increasing your lung capacity and improving your overall fitness level. If you’re not the runner type, and you’d rather be seen dead than perched on a bicycle in some fancy lycra, one of the easiest and most effective forms of cardio workout is jumping rope.

An exercise that is often associated more with school-grade children than it is fully-grown adults, jumping rope is one that often goes overlooked. The times could be changing, however, as we’ve recently seen a few famous faces, including Joe Jonas and even Salt Bae, try their hand at the perfectly timed jumping activity. If you ever thought jumping rope was a little boring, however, just take a look at British jump rope sensation Lauren Jumps, real name Lauren Flynn.

Admitting on her Instagram profile that “Lockdown made me jump rope,” she may be relatively new to the jump rope game. But either she has a general knack for it, or she dedicates serious hours to practice, because her moves are insane, and really emphasise the perfectly timed nature of the movement.

Check out some of Lauren’s impressive jump rope skills in the video below

That’s because she takes the conventional jump rope method – which, if you struggle to master, learn the ways from the master, Buddy Lee – and adds in some seriously impressive dance moves. Most of the time these dance moves revolve around ‘shuffling’, a dance move style developed in the 1980s, and is claimed to have been invented in Melbourne.

Even without a skipping rope, shuffling isn’t easy, but for those wanting to try combining the two, Lauren provides some slowed-down tutorials on her Instagram page. Jumping rope alone can help you burn a shed load of calories, even from just a 10-minute workout. Increasing the intensity by adding in shuffling dance moves will only intensify the calorie burn.

So if you’re looking for a quick way to shed some Covid kilos, whilst having some fun and learning a new dance routine in the process, follow in Lauren’s perfectly timed, incredibly quick footsteps…if you dare.

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