Joe Jonas Shares ‘Stamina Boosting’ Workout Every Man Should Try

Introducing: the 'show day' workout...

Joe Jonas Shares ‘Stamina Boosting’ Workout Every Man Should Try

When you’re in the public eye, it’s one thing to make sure you always look your best in terms of how you dress or how you style your hair, as they are always ripe for scrutiny. But it also pays to keep yourself physically fit, not only so posters of your likeness can look good across bedroom walls, but also so you have the energy to jump around for an entire show.

Joe Jonas is a man who understands this all too well. The American singer-songwriter who found fame alongside brothers Nick and Kevin as part of The Jonas Brothers, as well as several appearances on The Disney Channel, has since matured into a style icon all of his own, being spotted rocking some enviable watches and trend-setting outfits.

Joe has also recently shared a snippet into how he maintains his fitness when he’s not performing to thousands of fans, or spending quality time with wife and Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner. His method? Skipping.

Check out Joe Jonas’ skipping workout below

We’ve previously discussed how skipping can be an often-overlooked form of cardio, with former jump rope conditioning consultant to the US Olympic team, Buddy Lee, being one to champion its benefits.

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Skipping brings numerous benefits, including improving mental health, footwork and agility, as well as stamina. It seems Joe has taken that advice onboard, as he shared a clip of him jumping rope in preparation for “show day.”

Along with his bandmate siblings, Joe recently started touring in the US, and with a multitude of dates lined up ahead of him, he’s going to need some serious endurance. Fortunately, skipping is a perfect workout to improve said endurance, as spending just 10 minutes jumping rope can have the same benefit as running an entire mile in 8 minutes (and we know which one we’d rather do).

Best of all, skipping is an exercise that anyone can do, no matter your fitness level. There is great scope for progression with skipping, and the more you practice, the faster you’ll be able to spin the rope and you can even work your way up to incorporating various movements. Better still, a skipping rope is an incredibly affordable piece of equipment, and one that you can use anywhere, including at home, meaning there’s no excuse to not commit to just 10 minutes a day.