Chris Hemsworth’s Trainer Luke Zocchi Shares At-Home Workout Anyone Can Do

Simplify your gains at home.

Chris Hemsworth’s Trainer Luke Zocchi Shares At-Home Workout Anyone Can Do

The situation in Australia right now isn’t great.

With the whole state of New South Wales in lockdown and growing numbers of cases in other states, it’s safe to say Australia has gone backwards in its fight against the pandemic.

That means gyms, fitness studios, yoga studios and any other space where you would usually get your fitness fix has had to shut its doors until the situation is under control. But, you don’t have to necessarily let that put a dent in your perfectly chiselled armour. It is still entirely possible to work out at home and still work on your gains.

Naturally, a lot of workouts require the use of dumbbells, weights or other equipment such as rowing machines or exercise bikes, which not everybody owns. However, we’re pretty confident everybody will be able to get their hands on some resistance bands, and if you do, Chris Hemsworth’s personal trainer Luke Zocchi recently shared a simple at-home workout using resistance bands, that anybody can do.

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Luke uses a singular resistance band to provide a full body workout, targeting the back, biceps, triceps, chest muscles (the pectorals) and shoulders, making it possibly the most versatile piece of equipment you could ever own. Best of all, this at-home workout can be performed anywhere, anytime.

Luke Zocchi Resistance Band Workout

You can follow Luke’s resistance band workout using the video below. He performs five movements for 10 reps each in one complete circuit, before resting for 60 seconds and repeating. It’s an example of an AMRAP workout – As Many Rounds As Possible – so you can either continue to complete it until you literally can’t move any more, or you can set yourself a time limit of 10 minutes, for example, and see how many rounds you manage to complete.

Watch Luke Zocchi demonstrate a resistance band workout in the video below

This will then allow you to repeat the workout at a later date to see if you can improve on your previous record.

  • Band resisted push up x 10: Loop the resistance band over your hands and position it behind your back. Get into a push up position and perform conventional push ups.
  • Seated row x 10: Sit down with your legs straight out in front of you. Strap the resistance band around the soles of your shoes and pull back, keeping your elbows close to your body. Squeeze when your elbows are behind you before completing the next rep.
  • Tricep extension x 10: Whilst standing, strap the resistance band around one foot and position it behind you. Start with your elbows bent and your hands behind your head, and press the resistance band upwards, feeling the burn in your triceps.
  • Hammer curls x 10: Keeping the resistance band around your foot, double loop the band in your hand so that it has a greater amount of tension. Keeping your upper arm close to your body, curl the resistance band up, bending at the elbow. Repeat on the opposite side.
  • Lateral raises x 10: Keeping the resistance band around your foot, hold the band with the opposite hand to the one it is strapped around. With your elbow bent, lift it out to your side until your forearm is parallel with the floor. You only want to bring your hand to around shoulder height, any further up and you’ll decrease the amount of tension placed on your shoulder muscles.

See, it couldn’t be simpler.