World Champion Surfer Italo Ferreira's ‘Grasshopper Workout’ Will Destroy Your Ass

Are backflips the new burpees?

World Champion Surfer Italo Ferreira's ‘Grasshopper Workout’ Will Destroy Your Ass

We’ve seen everything under the ceiling when it comes to hotel room workouts. Even before Australia’s ‘lucky dip’ quarantine was a ~thing~ we had fitness coaches explaining how to keep fit while travelling.

Since The Spicy Cough metastasized around the globe in 2020, however, a veritable plague of fitness advice has swamped the internet.

There truly are many ways to skin a cat.

If you’re sick of regimented routines and wall squats though, and want a weight-free workout that can be done in a small space, and still get your heart rate banging, look no further than reigning world champion surfer Italo Ferreira.

Ferreira is currently completing two weeks in hotel quarantine, having travelled to Australia to compete in the upcoming Rip Curl Newcastle Cup, Rip Curl Narrabeen Classic, Boost Mobile Margaret River Pro and Rip Curl Rottnest Search.

All the overseas athletes and officials are currently in hotel quarantine where, according to the WSL, “Each day… they get special deliveries… which includes workout equipment, snacks, and other goods.”

“It’s been a few days already, and everyone’s all cozy in their rooms. Workout challenges have been dropped, and some athletes are eating too much vegemite.”

Speaking of going a little bit crazy, Ferreira recently dropped a second workout challenge video (see: above) on Instagram that will, to put it politely, destroy your ass (unless you happen to be a grasshopper).

The workout involves two off-centre push-ups, two push-ups with leg kicks, one flying superman, two more push-ups with leg kicks and a backflip.

It drew praise from the likes of 11-time world champion Kelly Slater (“Solid One!”), Pipeline specialist Jamie O’Brien (who posted a fire emoji) and Australian surfing legend (and two-time world champion) Tom Carroll (“Light it up”).

Former World Tour competitor Matt Wilkinson, “pro surfing’s most colourful free-spirited character,” commented: “I wanna see that whole sequence first wave at newy and I might be impressed.”

The video comes after a previous workout challenge in which Ferreira invited others to copy his take on ‘wall ups’ (handstand push ups of various inclines).

Ferreira isn’t the only athlete getting creative in lockdown. Courtney Conlogue is rock climbing around her room, Jack Robinson has shaved his head and Griffin Colapinto has put all the wold’s deodorant marketing executives to shame.

The only question we have now is: are backflips the new burpees?

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