Jake Gyllenhaal Easy Outfit: Actor Rocks A Look Even You Can Pull Off

Back to the basics.

Jake Gyllenhaal Easy Outfit: Actor Rocks A Look Even You Can Pull Off

Celebrities have more money than us. It’s a fact. And with their enormous wealth, they can get their hands on ultra-limited edition clothes and accessories, or custom-designed items from various fashion houses. What we wouldn’t necessarily expect to see, is a famous face sporting something that the Average Joe can pick up on their local high street.

But that’s exactly what Jake Gyllenhaal has done, and in the process, he proves he’s a man of the people. Spotted attending a basketball game between the Los Angeles Laker and San Antonio Spurs on February the 4th, 2020, the Brokeback Mountain star was seen wearing a regulation pair of Adidas Stan Smiths, the go-to white sneaker for many guys worth their stylish salt.

In fact, Jake has decided to forgo any sort of heavy flexing, as he pairs his sneakers with some cropped black trousers and a blue bomber jacket. He also appears to have left his Cartier Santos timepiece at home, a watch he has previously been seen wearing on multiple occasions. The takeaway from Jake’s everyday flex? An outfit that we can all pull off any day of the week, and if you’re stylishly minded, you’ll already likely have similar items in your wardrobe.

The only slight obstacle will be your stance on whether navy and black should be paired together. Some believe the two should remain sworn enemies, but we all know some style rules can be broken, and as long as the shade of navy isn’t so close to black that you need to double-check the label, you’ll be on to a winner.