Avatar Director James Cameron Thinks James Bond Is A ‘Scumbag’

"The guy's a womanising drunk."

Avatar Director James Cameron Thinks James Bond Is A ‘Scumbag’

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The Oscar-winning filmmaker James Cameron, best known for Titanic and Avatar, is rather critical of the James Bond character and franchise. He thinks Bond is a “scumbag” and the films are “rotten.”

James Cameron is a legend in the filmmaking world, and rightly so. Cameron has been behind some of the best films of all time – for example, he wrote and directed The Terminator, Aliens, Titanic and Avatar.

He also directed the 1994 film True Lies which stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis. If you’re unfamiliar with the film – watch it, it’s brilliant – True Lies follows a secret agent who is happily married to a woman who thinks he’s a dull computer salesman.

And while it’s not as obvious as Austin Powers, True Lies is a slight parody of James Bond. And this aspect of True Lies is what made Cameron want to direct it as he thinks Bond is a “scumbag”. As reported by Cheatsheet, Cameron said:

“​​The James Bond films are rotten at their core. The guy’s a womanising drunk. He’s a complete scumbag, he really is. It’s [a] male fantasy, ‘I’m married and faithful but I’d really like to be that guy and have a different woman every other night.’”

James Cameron
Cameron decided to direct True Lies because it mocks James Bond. Image Credit: (L) 20th Century Fox (R) United Artists

Cameron went on to say that what he loved about True Lies is that it mocks how unrelatable or “immoral” Bond is.

“If you’re going to do a comedy, you don’t just send up the gadgetry. What you send up is the moral centre or the immoral centre of it. What would it really be like to try and live that fantasy? It ain’t going to work because that’s not who most men really are.”

“That struck me as a hysterical premise. What if James Bond was married and p*ssy-whipped?”

James Cameron

Of course, Cameron is entitled to his opinion but we’ll happily watch a Bond film – especially Casino Royale – with a martini in hand any day.

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