Jared Leto Continues To Lose Millions Of Dollars For Sony

"It's morbin' time."

Jared Leto Continues To Lose Millions Of Dollars For Sony

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Back in April, Sony released the film Morbius which was based on the Marvel comics of the same name. Sadly, the film was not particularly good.

What has been good are the millions of memes the film has generated. The most enduring one has been the phrase “it’s morbin’ time”. Let’s be clear, it’s not something that’s ever actually uttered in Morbius… But a Tweet posted shortly after Morbius’ release joking that it did has gone absolutely viral.

Since then, Morbius and “morbin’ time” have continuously trended on Twitter and many, many memes featuring the phrase have been made. However, the popularity of the Tweet – which is a prime example of a ‘post’ – and the memes it spawned were clearly misinterpreted by Sony.

Anyone familiar with meme and Twitter culture could tell you that “it’s morbin’ time” is popular because it’s hilarious and it pokes fun at a film that was bad. But Sony obviously thought that people were continuously posting about “morbin’” and Morbius because they liked the film…

This was made evident when the production company decided to re-release Morbius into American cinemas over the weekend. Unsurprisingly though, Morbius flopped. Again.

According to Forbes, Morbius only earned $85,000 on Friday – which is not a good result, especially considering it would have cost Sony millions just to put Morbius back into theatres.

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Furthermore, Jared Leto, who stars in Morbius as the titular character, tried to get in on the morbin’ fun and posted to his Twitter a video of him reading a script that’s titled, “Morbius 2: It’s Morbin’ Time” – to which many users replied, “and now the joke is dead”.

One user even replied, “[we’re] not laughing with you Jared.” Ouch.

The old adage ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ doesn’t really apply here as Leto couldn’t join in on the “it’s morbin’ time” joke and Morbius failed to bring in a decent amount of money during its re-release… Perhaps Sony and Leto should just let it go?

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