Jared Leto’s New Favourite Gucci Shirt Feels Like Wearing Nothing At All

Stupid sexy Jared.

Jared Leto’s New Favourite Gucci Shirt Feels Like Wearing Nothing At All

Gucci, perhaps Italy’s most famous luxury house and one of the most dominant forces in fashion for over a century, struck an absolute gold mine when they appointed Alessandro Michele as their new creative director back in 2015.

The savvy Roman has transformed the brand under his watch by championing a highly on-trend ‘geek chic’ aesthetic and cleverly cultivating a network of high-profile ‘friends of the brand’ that constantly keep Gucci in the papers and at the bleeding edge of fashion, most of whom are musicians: A$AP Rocky, Harry Styles, Elton John, Tyler, the Creator

But Gucci’s most dedicated ambassador is easily Jared Leto. The enigmatic actor/muso is basically a walking Gucci lookbook – if you want to know what Gucci’s best upcoming releases are, just keep an eye on Leto, because he’ll be wearing it.

So what’s the hottest thing in Gucci’s 2021 collection? Well, if Leto’s anything to go by, and he is, it’s their silk shirts. The 49-year-old creative can’t get enough of them, sharing a candid photo of himself wearing one to his Instagram last week and then wearing what seems to be the same shirt to Gucci’s ‘Gucci Vault’ launch at Milan Fashion Week just days later.

Images: Gucci / @jaredleto

Leto complemented the silky shirt with an equally sensual Gucci suit, wide-brimmed hat and ‘Basket’ high-top sneakers for the Milanese event, the celeb in attendance alongside other stars including actresses Jodie Turner-Smith and Mélanie Laurent; and Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan – who you might know from his controversial 2019 artwork Comedian, a fresh banana duct-taped to a wall which sold for $120,000 USD at Art Basel Miami Beach.

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Of course, the real talk about Jared Leto and Gucci is Leto’s appearance in House of Gucci, the upcoming Ridley Scott-directed biographical crime film that explores the murder of Maurizio Gucci, Italian businessman and head of the eponymous fashion house, by his ex-wife Patrizia Reggiani as well as the family drama surrounding the famous business.

Leto is set to play Paolo Gucci, one-time chief designer and vice-president of the brand, and joins a star-studded cast including names such as Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, Lady Gaga and Salma Hayek.

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