Jeff Bezos & Katy Perry Enjoy Couples Getaway In Mediterranean Alongside $700 Million Superyacht

An unlikely duo...

Jeff Bezos & Katy Perry Enjoy Couples Getaway In Mediterranean Alongside $700 Million Superyacht


An unlikely duo have been seen enjoying the European summer together in Croatia, enjoying all the delights that the country can offer.

Jeff Bezos can’t seem to stop spending at the moment. From his brand new $700m yacht, which could be harbouring some dark and bloody secrets, to his new Beverly Hills mansion, seemingly bottomless PT and nutrition expenses, as well as a retirement home in the ‘Billionaire Bunker‘, the world’s third-richest man knows how to flex his cash… Naturally, all that spending can be exhausting, which is why he’s stolen away to the Med for a summer getaway with some high-profile pals.

The latest entrants to Bezos’ elite circle are none other than pop sensation Katy Perry and her handsome hubby Orlando Bloom. Chart-topping artist Usher has also been seen strolling around historic port towns with them, creating a star-studded ensemble that has caught the attention of paparazzi and fans alike. As reported by Insider and Vanity Fair, this multi-millionaire clique seem to be having a whale of a time.

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Several candid photographs have emerged of the group relaxing aboard a smaller vessel near Bezos’ now-legendary $700-million superyacht Koru. Whether the group will make it onto the main vessel is unclear as of yet. Exactly how this strange group came together is unknown, but whatever the point of origin it’s evident that Bezos and his partner Lauren Sánchez are having some success in finding famous friends for their soon-to-be married life.

WATCH: Take a look at Bezos’ yacht that the Amazon founder uses to cruise around the Med.

This gathering follows hot on the heels of an engagement celebration off the coast of Positano on the illustrious Amalfi Coast with a star-studded guestlist that included Kris Jenner, Wendi Murdoch, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, and Andrew Garfield. Interestingly, the couple has totally eschewed some of the most high-profile summer events in Europe such as the Cannes or Venice Film Festivals in favour of partying aboard the famous yacht. Clearly, they’re enjoying a pre-emptive honeymoon stage…

Bezos and fiance Lauren Sanchez taking a holiday stroll. Image: Getty

Where the couple are set to sail next remains a mystery for now. As the world watches in fascination, Bezos, Sanchez, and their ever-growing group of famous friends are setting a new standard not only for luxury getaways but for doing so in a significantly more private way than we have come accustomed to from the more public-facing celebs that typically adorn red carpets for festival stages throughout the season.

Clearly, one of the biggest benefits of being a billionaire tech founder is — at least in the latter years of your career — the ability to peel away from the limelight and enjoy all the perks of a life spent stacking that hard-earned cash. While we look ahead to the wedding of the century, we hope the couple enjoy their final few weeks and months of seven-figure singledom.

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