JKF Hotel: Stay At New York’s Most Iconic Landmark

From derelict artefact to pleasure temple.

JKF Hotel: Stay At New York’s Most Iconic Landmark

The Statue of Liberty. Lebron James. The Golden Gate Bridge. Marilyn Monroe. When you think of American icons, a number of great personas and monuments come to mind. However—although you can walk across the likes of the Grand Canyon and the Golden Gate Bridge—none of them have five-star hotels built in.

This is about to change, as one of the most iconic airports on earth—New York’s JFK—has opened a hotel (available now for bookings) in it’s TWA terminal, so that passengers can experience the redesigned landmark in true style.

But first—for those uninitiated in postmodern architectural history—what’s the deal with this building? Isn’t it just another airport hotel? Well: two points.

Point one: cultural history. As Type7 points out, “In 1962 American-Finnish architect Eero Saarinen completed the design for what has become known as one of the most iconic airports on earth, the TWA terminal at New York’s JFK.”

“In 1994 the building was determined a historical landmark, thereby preventing its demolition. In 2016 construction began on the conversion of the terminal from derelict landmark to a functional hotel, and finally, in May 2019 guests will be able to spend the night there.”

Point two: luxury. As the following images show, this is no Bangkok sleep pod or Gatwick motel. This is a pleasure temple chock with in-flight artefacts (think: gilded playing cards, silver serving ware, vintage furniture etc.) from a more elegant era, and the most up to date modern amenities.

As reported by Hotel Business, “Over the last two years, MCR/Morse Development has restored Saarinen’s masterpiece, dark since 2001… During that time, more than 2,000 artifacts have been accessioned for exhibition, most of them donated by former TWA employees and their families.”

“Two new buildings behind the terminal (are now ready to) house the hotel’s 512 guestrooms.”

According to Hotel Business, the TWA hotel will include:

  • Six restaurants, including the Paris Café, and eight bars, including The Sunken Lounge.
  • An Intelligentsia coffee bar and coffee carts throughout the hotel grounds.
  • High-end retail outlets.
  • 50,000 sq. ft. of event space, including a 15,000-sq.-ft. ballroom.
  • A rooftop pool and observation deck.
  • The world’s biggest gym.
  • A Lockheed Constellation “Connie” L-1649A transformed into a cocktail lounge.

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