Jo Lindner ‘Natural’ Physique Show How Ripped You Could Be

What four years of weight lifting does to the body...

Jo Lindner ‘Natural’ Physique Show How Ripped You Could Be

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“I’ll go tomorrow”, “I’m not feeling so great, I’ll wait under whatever this sickness is clears”, “but it’s boys and beers night.” Phrases such as these put a serious dent in our quest for perfectly chiselled armour. Committing to a serious workout routine, is far easier said than done. Not only do you have to first set some goals, or at least decide you want to go to the gym in the first place, but you also have to then dedicate your time to achieving your fitness aspirations.

Your journey toward washboard abs is only made harder to bear when you start thinking you’re making little progress. Newbies to the iron paradise should notice some pretty major changes within their first year of training, but it has been proven that you eventually plateau. This puts your body in a state where it becomes much harder to put on more muscle, with one of the only ways to break through to increase your calorie intake and continue to deadlift, squat and bicep curl your way to a more muscular physique.

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While we’ve previously seen some incredible body transformations from ‘regular folk’, it can often be a good thing to take note of the process of your role models, or those whose lives revolve around all things health, fitness and nutrition. Take crazy German fitness blogger Jo Lindner. He’s featured regularly on our pages here at DMARGE for his insightful workout hacks and techniques, all with the sole aim of helping you increase your confidence in the gym and start seeing the changes you crave.

While Jo recently suffered a severe arm injury, highlighting just how much muscle you can lose if you take time away from the gym, he also recently posted a series of photos that show just how ripped you can get over a four year period.

“Many years here. 2016 – 2020. Random order tho,” Lindner captioned the post. The takeaway? If you really do commit to training and accept that you won’t see changes overnight, you too can get insanely ripped (it’s also safe to say he had a rather solid start point, but anyway…).

It could be fair to assume that Jo is one of those genetically gifted humans, who was always destined to have a big physique. And while he may have experimented with steroids in the past, he has since encouraged everyone to avoid them and instead just focus on eating well and sticking to a well thought out training program.

After all, you can perform as many pull-ups, push-ups and bench presses until you’re blue in the face, if you’re not eating the right foods and putting yourself on a calorie surplus meal plan, your body won’t get the fuel and protein it needs to turn into muscle and energy.

This is a message I can personally vouch for, having put my body on a close-to-four-thousand calorie a day meal plan – drawing inspiration from Chris Hemsworth – in the pursuit of putting on the weight required to make some gains. TL;DR, it worked.

Four years may sound like a long time, and the underlying thought of “of course you’re going to get big if you commit for four years” not being lost on us, it’s always good to see visual results with your own eyes, to see what is realistically achievable.

Check out some of Jo Linder’s most intense workouts in the video below

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