NFL Star Joe Burrow Shares His Workout Philosophy

Don't compare yourself to others; outwork yourself from yesterday.

NFL Star Joe Burrow Shares His Workout Philosophy

2021 AP NFL Comeback Player of the Year, Joe Burrows, recently sat down for an interview in which he shared some insights into his attitude to working out.

25-year-old Joe Burrow, the American football quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals, is a bit of a beast. As well as winning official accolades (and playing a Superbowl with a sprained MCL) he has been the subject of contract rumours of late, with Bengals president Mike Brown insisting they want to offer him an attractive package when the time comes so that he stays.

“We couldn’t be happier with Joe Burrow,” Brown said. “He’s everything you would wish for, especially for a quarterback in Cincinnati. And our whole focus is going on keeping him here.” This comes after Burrow led the Bengals to their first Superbowl appearance in 33 years. Burrow hasn’t had an easy ride though. He tore his ACL and MCL in his rookie season in 2020, returned in style in 2021, sprained his MCL during the Superbowl and returned this week to the Bengal’s facility after getting his appendix removed last week.

“Burrow is not yet getting back to practice, but rolled onto the field in a golf cart to watch the session,” NBC Sports reports.

Burrow has an elite mindset when it comes to working out. This is something he recently discussed with The Athletic (and something which other NFL figures have commented on). Burrow told The Athletic: “I don’t go into my workouts every day thinking I’ve got to outwork this guy. I’ve got to outwork myself from yesterday.”

Also reported by The Athletic, Dan Pitcher, The Bengals’ quarterback coach has said of Burrow: “He’s the toughest guy mentally I have been around” and “he’s the most confident person I’ve ever been around.”

The key to developing an elite mindset, it seems, is not to compare yourself to others in the gym (whether they are intimidating you, or whether, in the case of someone like Joe Burrow, they are probably not as fit as you). Oh, and follow Lewis Hamilton’s example of not ego lifting too; ensure you have good form for everything, and you should be on the right track…