Joe Rogan Shares Visualisation Hack For Workout Success

"It’s a simple formula but I have to remind myself every time that it works, and that it’s worth it."

Joe Rogan Shares Visualisation Hack For Workout Success

Joe Rogan has taken to Instagram to share a simple workout motivation hack – visualising how good your workout is going to make you feel. 

The 54-year-old UFC commentator and podcast host has come a long way from the early days where he used to shoot the sh*t on Youtube with fellow comedians like Duncan Trussell (resonating with men who’d never heard ‘tough guys’ be vulnerable before, talking about picking up mugs that were rattling in the footwell of pick up trucks, and showing his vulnerability in the face of the universe – and banging on about psychedelics). Now he shoots the sh*t on Spotify talking about all sorts of topics with all sorts of people (for a much larger paycheque).

Come to think about it – maybe he hasn’t changed as much as we thought…

Anyway, Rogan has made a name for himself with a “just asking questions” attitude, which his fans adore and his detractors despise, due to it resulting in him giving airtime to people whose views can be interesting (remember when he used to be obsessed with Bigfoot?), but sometimes dangerous to public health, and in some cases espousing irresponsible views himself, such as when he – while, as they say, thinking in real time – pondered on air that perhaps young healthy people don’t need to get vaccinated against COVID-19 (even if he later said: “I’m not anti vax” and: “I’m not a doctor, I’m a f**cking moron. I’m not a respected source of information, even for me”). 

We’ll leave judgement on that front to the likes of The Rolling Stone, however. We also, it should go without saying, recommend you get your medical information from experts, not Joe Rogan. Governments and health authorities are encouraging everyone to do the right thing by themselves (there have been cases of healthy, anti vax, fitness fanatics dying of COVID) and their communities and to get vaccinated, even if you are young and healthy.

All that aside though… What you can’t fault Rogan on though is his inspiring attitude to maintaining his fitness, and his ability to resonate with his audience. On that note, he recently took to Instagram to share a very simple workout motivation hack which – ironically, similarly to the aforementioned pick up truck mug story – sounds like the sort of simple, honest, personal advice he has been sharing with his listeners and followers since day dot. 

Rogan wrote: “Got up early. Got after it. Feel better now.”

“It’s a simple formula but I have to remind myself every time that it works, and that it’s worth it. Go get you some.”

Super simple yet it rings true. As one follower, fitness trainer Senada Greca, wrote: “Yes! Remembering how afterwards feels, drives me every time! No need for motivation!”

American author, podcaster, and retired United States Navy officer Jocko Willink wrote: “Yep. That’s The Formula.”

The formula appears to have struck home. At the time of writing it has received 340k likes and 3,212 comments. 

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Rogan is also not the only person to talk about this idea of motivation, encouraging people to rely on other things than sheer willpower to get things done.

“Motivation is not reliable,” former professional surfer Layne Beachley wrote earlier this year on LinkedIn.

“Motivation operates on the assumption that we need to feel a certain way if we want to accomplish great things.”

“A lot of people believe that, if you don’t feel motivated, you simply can not complete a task to the best of your ability – so we don’t even try.”

“We may attempt to motivate ourselves by drinking coffee, looking at vision boards but motivation may not come.”

“Unlike motivation, discipline is entirely within our control. It’s not always the most ‘sexy’ thing, but it is insanely rewarding. More importantly, it puts into motion a productivity cycle.”

“If we wait for motivation, it may never come. By choosing discipline, we give ourselves the power to create results of our own.”

“Discipline thrives on honesty and authenticity. With discipline, you can allow yourself to dislike a task, and commit to doing it anyway.”

What are you waiting for? The gym awaits.

Or if you’re really a sucker for punishment, check out Joe Rogan’s latest form of fitness torture below.

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