Joe Rogan Freaks Out Over Everyday Occurrence For Australians

That's not a spider, this is a spider...

Joe Rogan Freaks Out Over Everyday Occurrence For Australians

Joe Rogan – America’s most prominent podcaster and UFC commentator (he’s also a carnivore diet experimenter and hunting enthusiast) – has admitted to being scared by a spider.

“I found this in the garage,” Rogan posted to Instagram on Tuesday. “It wasn’t even the size of a silver dollar and I was stopped in my tracks at how big it was.”

“That’s how creepy spiders are. If a mouse or a rat was that size I would think it was adorable and I’d try to safely get it outside. A silver dollar sized spider would induce sheer terror in many people, me included.”

Joe Rogan

The image shows a wolf spider – a poisonous but not lethal arachnid, commonly found in Texas, where Rogan lives.

Wolf spiders are not aggressive, but bite if provoked. According to, wolf spider bites can be very painful and “first aid and medical attention should be sought as soon as possible, particularly as to children or the elderly.”

The comments next to Rogan’s photo show various Americans freaking out about what is a fairly routine occurrence for many Australians (finding a poisonous spider in your house). Some jokingly suggested Rogan should move house, while others made comments like: “Just looking at this picture makes me queasy.”

One Instagram user said: “Toss a steak at it.”

Another said: “In Texas, they call this a Californian.” Meanwhile, here in Australia, this could be seen as a sign of an American…

Speaking of which, one user warned that if Rogan is scared by spiders he’d “Maybe [be best to] give Australia a miss.”

Australians often find White Tip spiders in their houses, and if they are unlucky, the more venomous Redbacks and sometimes (venomous and aggressive) Funnel-web spiders, too.

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