Jonah Hill Doesn’t Give A Hoot About Your Style Rules

Colour wheel? I don't know her.

Jonah Hill Doesn’t Give A Hoot About Your Style Rules

Jonah Hill’s ongoing glow-up? You love to see it.

The 38-year-old comedian and actor is easily one of the most fashion-forward male celebrities on the planet right now, working with big-name brands like PalaceMarni and Adidas on campaigns, collaborations and exclusive collections respectively.

He’s developed quite a unique individual style: summery, surfy, very Californian. He’s not afraid to experiment with bold prints or bright colours – particularly the latter, as his latest outfit shows.

Earlier this week, Hill shared a selfie on Instagram of some very lairy orange pants and mules, which a day later, he paired with an orange Western shirt and dark blue Harrington jacket.

It’s an awesome outfit… But it’s also one that raises a middle finger to one of fashion’s most time-honoured, essential rules or concepts: the colour wheel. And it does it in style.

A simplified colour wheel that also shows the split between cool and warm colours. Image: Canva

Essentially, the idea goes that you shouldn’t wear colours that are opposite one another on the colour wheel, as they clash too much. For example, purple doesn’t work well with yellow. Similarly, orange typically doesn’t work well with blue, especially dark blues like Jonah’s jacket.

Typically this is gospel when it comes to style, particularly men’s style – but in this instance, we think it works really well. Then, factor in Jonah’s amazing tan and super 90s bleached hair, and you’ve got a seriously stylish gent right there.

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Hill’s latest project? He’s been cast as Grateful Dead frontman Jerry Garcia in an upcoming biopic about the legendary rock band for AppleTV+. Hill’s also producing the biopic and has even got Martin Scorsese to direct. Hill famously worked with Scorsese on The Wolf of Wall Street.

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