Nutrition Coach Reveals The Unlikely Secret To Recovering From A Junk Food Binge

Your sweet potato fries await...

Whether Friday’s vodka soda’s morphed into oily Margaritas (of the non-liquid variety) or whether you had a blow-out Sunday brunch, come Monday and many of us are feeling bloated as a dehydrated camel.

While the whole “calories don’t count on the weekend” philosophy might have consoled you yesterday (whilst you were four mimosas deep), in the cold hard light of Monday, with several presentations and two Tinder dates coming up, you are probably starting to regret your laissez-eat attitude.

But before you bin that doughnut and start a liquid diet of the verdant variety, hang on a second; Max Lugavere, author of Genius Foods, New York Times journalist and prominent nutrition coach, says the key to getting over your junk food binge rests on continuing to eat like an unsupervised five-year-old – at least, in terms of quantity.

Not convinced? Hear us out.

According to Max, by attempting to “make up for” your binge by consuming fewer calories than normal, you are just setting yourself up for another binge.


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Uh oh! You ate too much. Now what do you do? 🤔 . First step is to forgive yourself! 🤗 Whether it was a day, an unplanned meal or a weekend, don’t beat yourself up over it. We’re all human, we make mistakes, and hey, it’s perfectly ok to enjoy yourself. As I always say, you’re only one meal away from turning it ALL around. . Remember: no single meal will get you fit and healthy, and no single meal (or day of meals) will make you fat and sick. The worst you can do is adopt a “f*ck it” mentality and throw all your hard work out the window! . After forgiveness, get back to your normal clean eating and workout routine! No need to do endless amounts of cardio or a juice cleanse to “make up for it”. Rather, be kind to your body, fuel it and approach yourself with kindness. Check your language (which is something I discuss in my latest podcast) since it can actually color your reality. . Left: some moss that I borrowed from one of my new houseplants and gravel that I got from my street. I hope there’s no dog pee on it. . Right side: incredibly nourishing greens and cruciferous veggies (in this case, cabbage). Plus an equally nourishing grass fed beef patty for that creatine, vitamin E, carotenoids, and protein, plus a poached egg. . This post was very much inspired by the great @meowmeix! . . . #cleaneating #healthyeating #nutrition #cleaneats #mealprep #foodprep #fitfood #protein #weightloss #mealplan #paleo #healthychoices #mealprepsunday #healthyfood #mealprepping #macros #mealprepmonday #flexibledieting #iifym #instahealth #glutenfree #getfit #gains #meals #healthyliving #healthylifestyle

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Instead, though it may appear to be counterintuitive, you should resist the urge to punish yourself, simply getting back on track by eating what you would eat on any normal ‘non binge’ day of the week (which ought to be wholesome, filling, healthy-calorie high foods).


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This includes properly raised animal products, low sugar plants and – if you’ve been working out – starchy carbs like sweet potato, oats or even a cheeky banana.

According to Max, focussing on this is better than focussing on a negative (i.e. not eating junk), because if you eat these healthy foods then you will be satiated and won’t crave junk (so much) in the first place.

And, if all else fails, remember: “You’re always only one meal away from getting right back on track.” Oh and you’re also far from alone in your doomed quest for perfection…


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You’re always only one meal away from getting right back on track. Type YES if you feel me 👇🏼 . Foods like 🍔🥪🥞🥖🥐🥯🍕🥟🥧🥮🍦🍩🍪🍰🍨 are not designed to be consumed in moderation. That’s why manufacturers invest in trademarking slogans like “once you pop you can’t stop!” Such a saying is instantly relatable, and now it is a truism with scientific backing. . Don’t ever feel guilt about your food choices. Instead, be informed. So that when you do decide to indulge you have made informed consent. You are aware that the pint of ice cream, or the bag of cheesy popcorn is likely going to want to be consumed in entirety. And if that fits within your goals, then go for it! But if it doesn’t, maybe it’s better to avoid those foods entirely lest you need rely entirely on willpower which is a finite resource. . I personally experience this all the time: when I break the seal with my favorite junk foods, it’s impossible to put on the breaks! I’m going all in! I don’t feel guilty about it… But I also don’t often buy these foods or keep them in my house where they are too easy to reach for. . Can you relate? Let me know. 👇🏼 Love you guys. ✊🏼 Max • • • • • #iifym #weightloss #sugarfree #flexibledieting #weightlossjourney #lchf #glutenfree #dairyfree #keto #lowcarb #paleo #atkins #ketosis #lavkarbo #macros #lowcarbhighfat #ketogenic #nosugar #grainfree #ketodiet #girlswholift #iifymgirls #cleaneating #sockerfritt #primal #nutrition #glutenfritt #jerf #lchftjejer #transformation

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Capische? Your sweet potato fries await.

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