Justin Bieber's Latest Look Is A Nod To Rockstar Bret Michaels

Well that's awkward.

The latest style statement from the Biebs brings forth two immediate questions.

One, who the hell is Bret Michaels? And two, why does Justin Bieber look so pissed off?

Regardless of how he felt at the time, the 23-year-old pop star still managed to pull off his best impression of 80s American rock star, Bret Michaels. The bandana wearing 54-year-old was the front man of glam metal band, Poison, which in its hey-day sold over 40 million records worldwide.

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The exposure also allowed Michaels to show off his quintessential rock star wardrobe which often consisted of a paisley bandana and smooth blonde locks that would make David Beckham blush.

Of course it’s likely that Bieber didn’t intentionally borrow the style of Michaels and was instead going for a more NBA-friendly look. He succeeded with the former more than the latter.

Check out Justin Bieber’s Bret Michaels-inspired look in the gallery below along with proof that he likely wasn’t going for the old school rocker’s signature look.

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