Kanye West Face Mask: Makeshift Mask May Be More Effective Than You Think

Only the finest will do.

Kanye West Face Mask: Makeshift Mask May Be More Effective Than You Think

The current global pandemic doesn’t just affect us mere mortals, but the rich and famous have to abide by the same lockdown laws too, meaning they should only travel for “essential” purposes such as going to work. Even then, if anyone does have to step outside, they should do their best to remain a safe distance from other people, and cover their mouth up as best as possible.

We haven’t seen too many celebrities braving the outside world as of late, but if there was ever one man to do so, it was always going to be Kanye West. The music megastar was spotted on Tuesday 7th of April turning up to his office in Calabasas, California rocking one of the most bouji face masks we’ve ever seen.


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That’s because the oversized navy blue number is a designer hoodie first and foremost from the S/S 2018 collection from London-based designer Martine Rose, but one with enough breathing room for Yeezus to cover his face, and one that’s probably more effective than you’d think.

Don’t believe us? A study conducted by Dr. Scott Segal, chair of anesthesiology at Wake Forest Baptist Health in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, along with the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, found that the best makeshift masks are ones that are made from heavyweight fabrics with a thread count of at least 180.

We can’t be 100 per cent certain of the material makeup of Kanye’s jacket, but it looks pretty heavy duty to us. For comparison, surgical-grade N95 masks filter around 95 per cent of virus-related particles, the more common surgical masks you see the majority of people wearing will filter around 65 per cent of particles. Heavyweight fabrics can filter up to 79 per cent. Perhaps Kanye knew the secret before the rest of us.

Kanye paired his over-the-top face-coverer with a light wash pair of Levi’s and a super chunky pair of his own Yeezy Season 8 boots, which have attracted a fair few comments relating to a certain large yellow bird from children’s TV. The boots aren’t currently available to the public and only made their debut at the Yeezy fashion show in Paris last month.

It seems celebrities are dealing with the global crisis in their own individual ways then. Kanye is braving the outdoors but thankfully protecting himself, whereas other stars such as David Beckham have resorted to remaining inside and even cutting their own hair in the process. What’s clear, is that they’re just like you and me.

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