David Beckham Buzz Cut: This Is How It’s Done

In times of need, we can always look to Golden Balls.

David Beckham Buzz Cut: This Is How It’s Done

We’re a good few weeks into the self-isolation period imposed on us by our governments. We’re slowly adapting to the change of not being able to venture outside unless it’s deemed absolutely necessary, and are finding ways to keep ourselves occupied indoors until the lockdown is lifted.

Whether it be creating TikTok videos, having virtual pub meetups with our mates or simply just keeping fit, we’re all finding ways to make use of the extra hours afforded to us during the day. For men specifically, the self-isolation period has caused them to turn to cutting their own hair, in a bid to prevent their manes from looking like Tom Hank’s character in Castaway.

We’ve seen some valiant efforts from guys attempting style haircuts, with various home haircut hashtags trending worldwide on social media platforms. But to be safe and to avoid looking foolish, there’s only one haircut guys can opt for, and David Beckham just showed us all how it’s done.

That’s because Golden Balls himself has decided to go for the full chop, taking the clippers to his hair, sans guard. Becks is known worldwide not just for his sporting talent, but for his history of haircuts and hairstyles (some admittedly better than others) and ability to look good in practically anything he wears.

His latest post on Instagram just adds more weight to that argument, with the former Manchester United midfielder rocking the buzz cut with overriding success. He’s an inspiration for dodgy-haircut toting men everywhere, and we hope for the sake of mankind that guys follow suit and take the clippers to their heads too.

It’s a bold step to take, sure, especially if you’re used to having mid- to long-length hair, but a number 1 or number 2 all over will suit the majority of face shapes. Plus, if you’re not a fan, you’ve got to be locked up inside anyway so no need to worry about other people seeing.

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