‘Do Not Ask Me To Do An NFT’: Kanye West Explodes On Instagram

"My focus is on building real products in the real world."

‘Do Not Ask Me To Do An NFT’: Kanye West Explodes On Instagram

NFTs have been taking the worlds of music and art by storm. But acclaimed rap artist Kanye West thinks they’re bullsh*t. At least: that’s the impression we got from his latest Instagram post. The 22 Grammy-winning artist today took to social media to write an all caps screed. The message reads as follows: “STOP ASKING ME TO DO NFT’s I’M NOT FINNA CO-SIGN … FOR NOW I’M NOT ON THAT WAVE I MAKE MUSIC AND PRODUCTS IN THE REAL WORLD.”

This was accompanied by an image of a letter, which read: “My focus is on building real products in the real world, real food, real clothes, real shelter.”

“Do not ask me to do a f***ing NFT.”

He then signed off: “Ye. Ask me later.”

The post has 1,123,657 likes and 23 thousand comments at the time of writing.

In the comments section of the post, Kanye received support from fans and other artists. Hawaiin Grammy winner @thomasiannucci wrote: “Donda 2 > NFTs.”

Entrepreneur @kingb314 wrote: “Visionary.”

Instagram user @r.h.sin wrote: “I’ll be honest, that metaverse s*** is escapism from the real world. Anything that isn’t tangible and holds up weight in the real world is a lie. It’s wild how people take real money and spend it on something that isn’t.”

The same user added: “Imagine finally earning enough money to purchase something tangible, something you can hold, something you can actually occupy or pass on…imagine passing up all of that for a digital download. If you really want to do that, then do it but don’t do it because that’s what seems ‘hot’ at the moment. Someone literally took the money they were saving up to buy a home and bought a digital residence in a digital neighborhood.”

@r.h.sin added: “What happens when you’re internet isn’t working properly, you’re homeless???? Ye is actually a resourceful human who wants to help real people and not avatars. Let that man help the people bro. And stop bothering him about NFT’s, let that man finish the album in peace. Donda 2.”

It seems the people have spoken: more music, less NFT collaborations, please.

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