Keanu Reeves Goes Rogue On Red Carpet: Footwear Choice Divides Fans

Fashion sin or style win?

Keanu Reeves Goes Rogue On Red Carpet: Footwear Choice Divides Fans

As well as having a happy-go-lucky vibe and a healthy disregard for Hollywood norms, Keanu Reeves has been hitting red carpets for a good few years now, so it should come as no surprise that he’s getting experimental with his red-carpet style choices. This weekend, it was his choice of footwear that sparked debate…

Keanu Reeves, longtime Hollywood legend and all round good dude recently celebrated the release of the fourth instalment of his record-breaking John Wick franchise, and it seems to have put him in a cheery if experimental mood…

Hitting the red carpet for the 2023 MOCA Gala alongside girlfriend Alexandra Grant, Reeves made a stylistic choice for which he has prior form: pairing a slick, smart-cut suit with combat boots. But this time, he took things a step further…

Grant donned a red, floral-print gown with flower accessory at the neckline and gemstone-encrusted heels, while Reeves wore a deep-blue suit, white shirt, striped tie… and brown lace-up boots with contrast white laces.

WATCH: The teaser trailer for the long-awaited John Wick 4.

Though blue and brown is a longstanding style standard, Keanu didn’t match a brown belt with the brown shoes, going with a black and silver accessory at the waist.

More fundamentally, however, is the question of whether these more casual kind of boots belong on the red carpet altogether? If their informality isn’t the issue – then we have to ask if these are a good look in the first place?

Given the blue of his suit, the black of his belt, and the bright reds and pinks worn by his partner, I personally find the brown and white accent on the shoe to be a little too much. I think a black shoe, combat boot or otherwise, would’ve grounded the outfit a lot better.

Fans were pleased to see Grant and Reeves share a passionate kiss on the carpet. Image: Getty

But I’ve no doubt others will love the look, hailing Reeves as a fashion maverick who’s always happy to take a sideways view at Hollywood conventions.

Regardless, the biggest win of the night was getting a rare glimpse into the love story of Grant and Reeves, seeing how happy the two were together on the red carpet, and even watching them sneak a pretty passionate kiss.

Despite being one of Hollywood’s most private couples, the rare public display of affection was a treat for fans, even if the footwear situation was not.

A full-body shot, offending shoes included… Image: Getty

Keanu’s recent comments to People about their relationship confirm that the actor’s feeling pretty loved up. When asked by Poeple when he had last experienced “bliss”, he gave the following answer:

“A couple of days ago with my honey, we were in bed. We were connected. We were smiling and laughing and giggling. Feeling great. It was just really nice to be together.”

Keanu Reeves

Though it’s great to see Keanu happy, I’d like to see him dressing well too… let’s hope Cupid’s arrow won’t see him take his eye off the style game for too much longer.