Kevin Hart and Tom Cruise’s Secret WhatsApp Group Is Stacked With Hollywood’s Biggest Action Heroes

Hollywood funnyman turned action hero Kevin Hart has revealed he's in a secret group chat with some of the world's biggest action stars... but he may have just broken the first rule.

Kevin Hart and Tom Cruise’s Secret WhatsApp Group Is Stacked With Hollywood’s Biggest Action Heroes

Tom Cruise, Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson and more of the biggest action heroes in Hollywood apparently have a secret group chat in which they share stories and anecdotes from their all-action lives on their respective film sets – and Kevin Hart may have just broken the club’s first rule.

Few Hollywood superstars can boast the same storied filmography as Mission: Impossible and Top Gun leading man Tom Cruise. The American actor, known best for his signature smile and less-than-effective running style, is the quintessential action hero, starring in some of the highest-grossing movies of all time and seemingly getting better with each passing flick.

Cruise’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of action filmmaking by performing many of his own stunts, such as launching over the edge of Norway’s Helsetkopen mountain range on a custom-built motorbike with nothing but a parachute strapped to his back, is why many consider him to be the one of the greatest to ever do it.

His legendary status within the action hero game is cemented; his legacy, assured – but he’s certainly not alone.

Watch Tom Cruise perform the biggest stunt in cinema history below.

Cruise is part of an illustrious group of modern-day mavericks such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – whose own journey from WWE Champion to one of the highest-paid actors of the last 10 years is nothing short of extraordinary – to stand tall in the world of action, battling against the odds to save the day.

And it appears that these real-life action men have formed something of an all-action club, secretly sharing stories from their respective film sets of the death-defying stunts they’ve performed, according to Hollywood’s own Kevin Hart.

“Yup! Dwayne [Johnson], Mark Wahlberg, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Jet Li, Jackie Chan. All the biggest guys,” Hart revealed to People at the premiere of his latest film. “You know, we just talk about action stuff. It’s a real secret chat, I shouldn’t be talking to you about this chat – I could get in a lot of trouble from the other action guys.”

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The stand-up comedian turned leading man was speaking in New York at the premiere of his new film Lift, an action comedy starring Hart and Australian actor Sam Worthington, in which a master thief is convinced by his ex-girlfriend to attempt to steal a $100 million USD gold bullion being transported on a 777 passenger plane… mid-flight.

“We just share action stories that’s the thing, when you’re an action guy, you have to have action stories so our chat is all about ping-ponging action stories and just making sure that everyone’s in sync you know? That’s what it’s about,” Hart continued.