Lebron James Ab Workout: Ab Building Technique You Need To Know

Want insane core strength? Try this.

Lebron James Ab Workout: Ab Building Technique You Need To Know

We all want Michelangelo abs and a beer barrel chest. But reality is usually sloppier. Enter: Lebron James, King of the NBA and, arguably (some say Jordan had more cultural significance), the greatest basketballer of all time, who just provided us with the inspiration – and a workout tool – to get our rigs in order.

Lebron has as ~peak~ of a body a man can hope for. Though it’s fine-tuned for shooting hoops, most gym warriors would kill to look like The King. So Lebron must be training right. Before you put it all down to him spending two million dollars a year on his body, though, check out the workout clips Lebron posted to Instagram yesterday.

The workouts prove King James trains like an absolute champion, as well as spending money like one. They also reveal a genius ab building technique, that will sting your lateral core like it’s never been stung before – and then have your muscle fibres return (hopefully) with a vengeance.

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All band and core work! Let’s work folks! Who with me??? #StriveforGreatness🚀

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Keen? Skip straight to clip four, which shows Lebron doing modified situps with what appears to be a 15-kilo dumbbell. Lebron starts off lying on his back on a towel. He then sets his arms up in a ‘dab’ type position (one hand with a dumbbell, the other without) and then pushes forwards and upwards, before gently coming back down. He does this four times (though we appear to be catching the end of a set, and would assume he had already done about 10).

As Australian Commando and fitness expert Scotty Evennett once told DMARGE, core exercises like this, that involve pushing yourself beyond your limits, are perfect for building “insane core strength”. As are those that involve working your body unevenly, as they force you to use your stabilising muscles, which can help you overcome a plateau in growth in your more visible frontal abs.

If you’re interested the rest of the workout is useful too, showing you some of what Lebron is doing at the moment to stay fit from home, involving band work, hype-up rap and a whole lot of sweat.

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