LeBron James Rocks A Very Affordable Rolex Almost Anyone Can Score

Taste the rainbow.

LeBron James Rocks A Very Affordable Rolex Almost Anyone Can Score

As the highest-paid basketball player of all time, LeBron James is hardly short on scratch.

Last year alone, the GOAT dropped over $2 million on a rare Porsche 918 Spyder, several hundred thousand dollars on multiple Richard Mille watches, as well as countless thousands on designer clothes and accessories like this Louis Vuitton bag. In short: he’s not afraid to splash his cash.

…Which makes his latest horological flex all the more surprising. The 36-year-old Los Angeles Lakers small forward stepped out in a colourful COMME des GARÇONS outfit ahead of the Laker’s game against the Phoenix Suns last week, with a rather understated – for him, at least – Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41mm ‘Coral Red’ (ref. 124300-0007) on his wrist, which retails for around 6,000 USD.

Rolex made waves last year when they revealed a suite of colourful new lacquer dials for their entry-level Oyster Perpetual collection. Initially offered only on the 36mm Oyster Perpetual, the colours included candy pink, turquoise blue, yellow, green and coral red – the latter of which LeBron has opted for, on the larger 41mm Oyster Perpetual.

When your watch matches your bag…

It’s not the first time Rolex has offered psychedelic dials like this. Back in the 70s, Rolex offered not only the Oyster Perpetual but also the Datejust and Day-Date in an array of dial colours, with even more exotic tones like oxblood, orange and purple. Nicknamed ‘Stella dials’ after the Swiss firm that supplied them to Rolex, watches with these dials were manufactured in limited quantities and were primarily destined for the Middle East market, Bob’s Watches relates.

The revival of these flamboyant dials was passionately welcomed by Rolex fans: there’s just something very appealing about the clash of the bright colours with the classic, somewhat conservative design of the Oyster Perpetual. It also helps that as Rolex’s entry-level watch, they’re comparatively quite affordable… In theory at least. As DMARGE reader and Rolex aficionado @stainlessonly pointed out, LeBron’s watch “is far from being ‘easily sourced’,” elaborating:

“This piece and its Oyster Perpetual brethren, along with any 41mm Datejust is now listed as a ‘reserved piece’ by Rolex SA. This means the watches will not be displayed in a showcase and will be locked away to all but the best clients.”

So much for an easy Rolex pickup, then.

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The Lakers went down 104-114 to the Suns last week, and also narrowly lost 120-123 against the Sacramento Kings last week, too. Their next game is against the Indiana Pacers on Friday at the Staples Centre in LA on Friday.

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