LeBron James Delivers A Knockout Blow In The Pre-Game Style Stakes

Wham! Biff! Bang!

LeBron James Delivers A Knockout Blow In The Pre-Game Style Stakes

LeBron James is the king of the pre-game fashion show.

NBA players these days are rather fashionable chaps. Over the last eighteen months, while most fashion shows and celebrity events have been shuttered thanks to The Spicy Cough, the NBA’s pre-game tunnel walk-on have become ersatz catwalks; a potent source of style inspiration for fashion-starved men across the globe.

Some notable outfits in recent memory have included the Houston Rockets’ P.J. Tucker flexing full Issey Miyake, the Washington Wizards’ Russell Westbrook’s rockabilly steez or the Lakers’ Anthony Davis and his expert take on smart casual… But no-one loves this flexing opportunity more than LeBron James.

Just take this exceptionally slick outfit he chose to flaunt ahead of the Lakers’ game against the Golden State Warriors yesterday. LeBron shared a photo of this all-black pre-game outfit while calling himself ‘Bron Wayne’, a reference to Batman’s alter-ego, billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. Sure, his exploits on the court are pretty heroic, but calling yourself Batman? That’s not going to help the perception that you’ve got too big of an ego, LeBron…

Specifically, the suit is from Thom Browne and the shoes are some Prada Cloudbust Thunder sneakers. We have to admit, the Pradas do look like something Batman (as opposed to Bruce Wayne) would wear… Batman punches hard (we’ve got 60s Batman onomatopoeia sounds ringing in our heads) but LeBron flexes hard.

Also, like Batman (or more specifically, Bruce Wayne), LeBron is worth big money. The 36-year-old Los Angeles Lakers star has a net worth of around US$850 million and has easily passed over $1 billion in lifetime earnings, according to Forbes. ‘King James’ knows how to spend his cash, too: from splashing out on rare sports cars like his $2.2 million Porsche 918 Spyder to more philanthropic pursuits like establishing his own school or buying hundreds of bikes for underprivileged kids, the man isn’t afraid to put his money to good use when he’s not buying fancy clothes.

Actually, there’s an interesting connection between basketball and some of Batman’s boots. In 1992’s Batman Returns, where Michael Keaton played the famous superhero, the boots that were part of his costume were actually a pair of modified Air Jordan VIs basketball sneakers. These were no mere costume department job, either: Nike was actually directly involved with their creation and designed the special ‘armoured’ upper, GQ USA relates.

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Of course, Batman’s nothing without his gadgets, and LeBron’s got plenty of those… Namely, plenty of very nice watches. We’ve done some Batman-level sleuthing of our own in that department – check out James’ extravagant watch collection below.

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